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Shiptheory connects your business directly to your carriers. Explore how it all works below.
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Seamless Integration

Shiptheory integrates with many popular carriers and channels. Explore our partners below.


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Don't ship without us

We think we do an awesome job. But lets put our trumpet down and see what our customers think...

We wanted a more efficient way to ship our parcels each evening without inputting each individual parcel address and shipping them individually at the end of the day.
I made contact with these guys and I’m so glad I did. We now have a simple integrated system which has been set up to suit our own company needs.

These guys have been so responsive when I email them, and they have even sent courteous emails to ensure we are happy with the system we have in place. It has saved us so much time the only negative... I wished I had contacted them sooner. Well done guys absolute pleasure to deal with!!

Not only does this allow us to give our customers an instant tracking number, but it will save us hundreds of man hours over the year and make processing even more orders as simple as clicking a button...

The best thing about using Shiptheory to help streamline our fulfilment process and to create postage and scan labels, is that we don't have to think about it! It is so good that 95% of our postage is calculated for us so it totally removes the stress for our fulfilment team and it is really easy to create new shipping rules for the exceptions!

Shiptheory sits between our warehouse inventory system of saleable products and our online shop and our ordering system to book in the correct transport required on our behalf. Having integrated automated systems in place means less human error which means happier customers and a happier team able to focus on well brewing the beers.

As our business grew, managing orders and shipping became a massive source of stress as we didn’t have the right set up to manage the volumes we were receiving. After doing some research, we decided to join Shiptheory and haven’t looked back since. Shiptheory has streamlined our order and shipping processes allowing us to ship to hundreds of more customers a day and has saved us hours of administration time. As well as adding various shipping carriers, we have also been able to merge multiple sales channels into one easy-to-use system.

We wanted a way to automate the booking in of parcels so that staff didn’t have to enter in addresses or weigh/measure parcels manually.

Shiptheory offered us a way to integrate with our existing setup easily and to calculate total parcel weight and book in consignments automatically, so all we have to do now is click “ship”, and the label comes out!