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Manage peaks and fulfil orders like the best. Your brand depends on it.


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  • Customisable Picking methods

    Build rules to ensure your workflow is as smooth as possible.  

  • Save your company time.
    You’ll never have to type another label again.
  • Mobile Barcode Scanning

    Drive efficiency by capturing information using barcodes. This can be done with a Bluetooth scanner, built-in barcode scanner or the device camera.

  • Save your company money.
    Ship smarter, save money.


Common Peoplevox Shiptheory questions to get you started.
  • Q: How much does it cost?

    A: Both Peoplevox and Shiptheory offer transparent pricing models, and you can reach out to their sales teams to get pricing information tailored to your needs. Check our pricing.

  • Q: How can I talk further to someone about Peoplevox?

    A: You can talk all things Peoplevox here to one of our team.

  • Q: Does Shiptheory work with Peoplevox in the US?

    A: Yes. Shiptheory works perfectly with Peoplevox in any country that Peoplevox operates.

  • Q: Can I print integrated labels for my Peoplevox orders?

    A: Yes. With Shiptheory you can print Peoplevox shipping labels and customer invoices on a single sheet of paper. The integrated labels option allows you to build a custom page template that features your shipping label in a design of your choosing. For more information, please read this guide

  • Q: Will the integration work with my current e-commerce platform?

    A: Peoplevox and Shiptheory offer versatile integrations that can work with a wide range of popular e-commerce platforms. Whether you are using Shopify, Bigcommerce, or others, the integration can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

  • Q: Can I use a barcode reader within Peoplevox?

    A: Yes, Shiptheory supports the use of barcode scanners. Allowing you to scan the barcode corresponding to your order, to allow the printing of the shipping label.

  • Q: Why do I need to add Shiptheory to Peoplevox?

    A: Connecting Shiptheory to your Peoplevox account is entirely optional. If you do connect Shiptheory, you can automate your workflow, eliminating error and reducing time spent manually creating shipping labels.