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Charlie and Dan were both let go from their jobs in the city in 2019, and decided to take the opportunity to do something different. With complementing skillsets in marketing and finance and some investment behind them, the two set out to create something new.

Three years later, Exalt is hugely popular for their range of healthy cold-pressed smoothies and juices, a healthy option for the road with no preservatives. Boasting tons of protein and even collagen in some of their drinks, they recently collaborated with Nike and are about to become the official sports nutrition drink partner of a Premier League football club.

Fed up with complicated shipping and losing customers due to sloppy mistakes from carriers, Exalt turned to the dream team of Shiptheory and Hived, and have never looked back. Read on to find out how the partnership of Shiptheory and Hived is a game changer for Exalt. Click here to check out the Exalt website for their full range of products!

I'd liken Shiptheory to a silent partner in the best possible way. It gets on, does it's thing, and makes our lives easier - and I'll pay anything for that!

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