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  • Better Customer Service

    Instant shipping labels and automatic tracking numbers emailed to shoppers. An informed customer is a happy customer.

  • Banish repetitive tasks

    Direct integration with FedEx, Royal Mail, UPS and more and never manually input data or juggle CSV files again with our automated shipping rules engine.

  • Xero shipping management

    View your orders and shipments in one online dashboard, making your Xero shipping process fully integrated.

  • Increased Efficiency

    Save money and precious time with automated shipping label printing and reduce human data entry errors. No more copy and pasting shipping label addresses.


Shiptheory's shipping integration with Xero connects you to the biggest shippers in the world, including DPD, FedEx, Royal Mail and more. Our integration with Xero makes your shipping process savvier, speedier and simpler. See how our Xero integration works below.

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Shiptheory connects your Xero account to the world’s most popular carriers like Royal Mail, DPD, FedEx, and more.
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  • Fedex
  • Ups
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The FedEx service marks are owned by Federal Express Corporation and are used by permission


Your questions answered on our Xero Shipping Integration.
  • Q: Has Xero approved this integration?

    A: We are currently working with Xero in order to have our integration approved.

  • Q: How Does Xero connect to Shiptheory?

    A: All you need to do is to add the integration to your Shiptheory account under 'Connect a New Sales Channel' and click the green plus sign when you hover over the Xero tile. Find out more.

  • Q: What happens to my invoices in Xero once they've been sent to Shiptheory?

    A: These invoices will be marked as 'Sent to Customer' once they are in your Shiptheory dashboard.

  • Q: What shipping options can I use with Xero and Shiptheory?

    A: Shiptheory's integrates your Xero account with the top international carriers like Royal Mail, USPS, FedEx, DPD, and more. Our supported carriers provide a wide range of shipping options, including next day delivery, click and collect, and many more.

  • Q: How much does it cost?

    A: Select the subscription that fits perfectly your shipping needs. For a full list of our packages, check our pricing.

  • Q: Can I use Shiptheory with Xero along with other e-commerce platforms in Shiptheory?

    A: Yes. The beauty of Shiptheory is that you can connect as many of our supported integrations as you need.

  • Q: Can I export CSV files from Shiptheory?

    A: Yes, you can easily set up a CSV template in Shiptheory to manually export your invoice data.