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Smarter Shipping

May 2018 Update

A lot of hard work has been going on within Shiptheory since the last update that was brought to you in February and I'll be able to show you the fruits of our labour within this update. You'll find out about 2 new carriers and channels that we have integrated…

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Webinar: Unlocking Your Shipping Potential

We're excited to be joining Dave Furness from the eSellerCafe team live on Wednesday to explore how retailers can streamline their shipping process. We'll be covering how to chose the right delivery services (automatically), how to handle cross border paperwork with as little friction and how implementing automation in your…

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February 2018 Update

It's approaching the end of February and the perfect time to let you know what we've been working on these past few months. This is going to be a big update so I'll break it down into three sections for you which will be Channels, Carriers and Features. Channels ChannelGrabber…

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Our eBay Integration Has Arrived!

Shiptheory can now be integrated with your eBay sellers account, now you can manage your entire booking and labelling process for your eBay account directly within Shiptheory! Many of you probably already know what eBay is but for those that don't, eBay is a website that allows anyone to buy…

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Introducing Shipment Metrics

To build an efficient, affordable shipping process, you need to have all the facts. The facts are specific to your company and making assumptions isn't going to give you the data you need. That is where our reporting suite comes into play. Introducing Shipment Metrics; A complete, transparent view of…

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