Wood Bloc X

WoodBlocX has come on in tremendous strides over the last few years, what started as an offshoot of a family-run sawmill has rapidly grown to become a substantial business in its own right. From humble beginnings near Inverness in the Scottish Highlands to selling to customers throughout the UK and Europe, WoodBlocX has made it simple to build the perfect garden!

This success was recognised recently when WoodBlocX was presented with a prestigious Queen's Award for Enterprise, taking note especially of their remarkable European growth in Germany and France. Businesses don't become an international success overnight, and all will have tools in their arsenal to empower their growth. Read on to find out how Shiptheory has helped WoodBlocX throughout their exciting business journey.
Click here to check out how WoodBlocX can help you create your perfect modular garden system.

It’s unbelievable to think we used to manually print shipping labels! Shiptheory has massively transformed our shipping operations, saving us so much time and reducing errors. With a seamless Magento 2 integration, dispatching WoodBlocX orders has never been quicker.

If you're experiencing growing pains feeling that there's gotta be a better way, that's the time to try Shiptheory - once you go Shiptheory, you never go back!

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