Shiptheory's Ultimate Guide to NetSuite


Keen followers of the Shiptheory blog may have noticed a steady stream of NetSuite content over the last few weeks. For those not in the know, NetSuite is a powerful cloud-based ERP software. It helps thousands of enterprise businesses worldwide to make their processes more efficient and drive growth.

As we've been working closer with NetSuite, we wanted to produce as much educational content as we could to help out users and prospects. At Shiptheory, we're all about shipping, and some of this recent content reflects this. However, we're aiming to produce a more comprehensive guide to NetSuite for our audience.

To save you the trouble of going through the blog and finding every piece, we've compiled all of our recent articles here in one place. Read on to get started with Shiptheory's Ultimate Guide to NetSuite!

NetSuite Shipping Based Content

Carrier Integrations Guide for NetSuite

In this article, we take a look at which carriers have native SuiteApps for all of your NetSuite shipping needs. This includes a breakdown of the different services and features available for the FedEx, UPS and USPS SuiteCloud Apps. We also examine the benefits of using external software to handle your NetSuite shipping.

Why you need Shipping Automation Software for your NetSuite Orders

This article examines the benefits of using automation software to manage your shipping in NetSuite. We offer examples of what you can achieve using a shipping automation platform, and the green flags that signify the best automation platform for you.

NetSuite Decision Making

These pieces of content are designed to help people who are considering using NetSuite make up their mind. This involves NetSuite customer stories and alternatives, to help businesses make the most informed decision on their choice of ERP software.

5 of the Biggest Companies using NetSuite

A list of recognisable, global brands who use NetSuite, and which specific applications they use. These customer stories are presented to help prospective users understand which applications they may want to use themselves. This includes which applications companies replaced wit NetSuite too!

Top NetSuite Alternatives for your Business

We take a look at the most popular 'NetSuite vs. X' searches on Google, to compare functionality with its competitors. We aim to break down the pros and cons of NetSuite and its competitors, for different sizes of business and different budgets.

NetSuite User Tips

The following articles are designed for businesses already using NetSuite. These contain advice on how to get the most out of NetSuite, or how to further embed yourself in the community.

NetSuite Event Guide for 2022-23

A regularly updated list of events for NetSuite users and partners to attend, covering both the US and the UK. This list also includes general eCommerce community events that NetSuite professionals may want to attend.

Top 8 NetSuite Apps to Boost your Bottom Line

An overview of the 8 current featured SuiteApps on the SuiteApp store. This contains some brief info on each SuiteApp, with a breakdown of their features and how they can help your business.

What is a two-tier ERP system?

We examine how using a two-tier ERP system can help businesses, particularly during expansion. This article looks through the lens of companies using different NetSuite functionality in different tiers to manage different areas of their business.

How to become a NetSuite SDN member

Becoming a member of the SDN (SuiteCloud Developer Network) is notoriously difficult. We take a look at how to position yourself so you stand a good chance of becoming a verified member of the SDN.

Stay tuned for more!

As our NetSuite customer base grows, we're excited to continue to produce dynamic and informative content centred around NetSuite. As new pieces are released, we'll update this guide to give you the most recent and comprehensive advice that we can.

If you like our content, there's plenty more where this came from - you can find everything we release on the Shiptheory blog.

Sam Paternoster

Marketing Communications Executive at Shiptheory