Top 8 NetSuite Apps to Boost your Bottom Line


From ERP to CRM, NetSuite has solutions for a huge variety of business needs. The modular approach to their subscriptions makes it easy to add new solutions as you expand, too. This is all great, but NetSuite can't cover EVERYTHING. There are some problems you may need to look beyond to solve.

That's where SuiteApps come in. contains hundreds of apps developed by NetSuite certified developers, using SuiteCloud. These apps are designed specifically for customers to enhance their operation beyond NetSuite's usual capabilities.

It can be a lot of effort to become an SDN-verified developer (read our guide on how to get verified here). Basically, any SuiteApp basically comes with a glowing recommendation from NetSuite. But not all SuiteApps were created equal...

In the SuiteApp store, there are currently 8 'Featured SuiteApps', which have been recognised by NetSuite and the community as being the best of the best. There's a good chance at least one of these could help enhance your performance. With that in mind, we've compiled all the current Featured SuiteApps in one place, to give you a quick top-level breakdown of what they do.

You can check out each app in more detail in the Featured section of the SuiteCloud store.


Contivio offers an omnichannel cloud contact centre for all versions of NetSuite, allowing you to easily route customers to the most appropriate sales rep. This also allows you to record and retain information from calls, and easily call upon that information when on future calls. Smoother communication = better customer success.


  • Real-time reporting and statistics to call upon during calls
  • Manage inbound and outbound using one application
  • Call upon any NetSuite screen without custom dev work
  • 24/7 support from the Contivio team
  • Data centres in 4 continents to optimise speed
  • 5/5 rating on SuiteApp store


Versapay have developed an app that allows you to easily accept debit and credit payments. According to their SuiteApp Store listing, Versapay claim to be able to 'reduce manual AR processes by more than 30%, save 20% on payment fees, and accelerate payment collections by 25%'. Numbers like these are probably what made them the 2021 SuiteCloud Partner of the Year.


  • Fraud detection and management
  • Automatically generate and send online invoices
  • Allow customers to pay instantly
  • Supports all major card brands plus PayPal, Amazon Pay and more
  • eCommerce plugins for Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify
  • 5/5 rating on the SuiteApp store

Active Disclosure

ActiveDisclosure by DFIN is the one of the premier SuiteApps when it comes to financial reporting. Their cloud-based solution makes it easy to collaborate in real-time with speed and accuracy.


  • Real-time collaboration with teammates
  • 100% cloud-based to optimise speed
  • Smart workflows to streamline and optimise productivity
  • Give teammates different access based on their role
  • Seamlessly links with Microsoft Office Suite
  • 5/5 rating on SuiteApp store


Sovos are bringing their expertise on tax compliance to the table for NetSuite users. No matter the size of your business, Sovos' solution is on hand to make sure your taxes are in line.


  • Generate reports directly from NetSuite
  • User-friendly dashboard with advanced filtering
  • Custom template options
  • Access to the same software as Sovos internal teams
  • Your own assigned Primary Tax Preparer to help manage your tax


Sales Commission by Spiff is a direct integration that enables your team to calculate sales commissions quickly and efficiently. Spiff describe Sales Commission as a 'motivation engine' due to how its speedy processes can galvanise your sales team and keep them raring to go.


  • Real-time, automated commissions
  • Generate reports and export to Excel for deeper analysis
  • Ability to customise
  • Use the Spiff API to transmit your data to any visualising tool
  • Communicates with your systems to automatically acknowledge new hires or promotions

Logicbroker Commerce

Logicbroker Commerce is a NetSuite connector developed to enable automation without the need for excess coding or development work. Using the connector, NetSuite users can scale their dropshipping operations more effectively.


  • Connect to hundreds of marketplaces straight out of the box
  • 24/7 support from the US-based support team
  • Communicates directly with your WMS, 3PL etc. as well as directly back to the customer and marketplace
  • Connect via both API and EDI
  • Transparent pricing with no transaction fees


In8Sync's Shopify DirectConnect helps users by - you guessed it - directly connecting you with Shopify and Shopify Plus stores. The connection is fully hosted within NetSuite, unlike many other Shopify connectors which are externally hosted.


  • Manage your integration exclusively within NetSuite
  • Increased performance compared to non-native connectors
  • Automatically sync data with Shopify to reduce human error
  • Multichannel order management, including in-store transactions
  • Dedicated support who will automatically flag data anomalies

Our final Featured SuiteApp is Mobile Warehouse, developed by Descartes OzLink. Warehouse management can be a massive pain point for businesses. That's why Mobile Warehouse helps users by allowing them to manage stock and scan barcodes from an Android device.


  • Fully manage picking, receiving and putting away wirelessly
  • Instantly look up the status of any inventory
  • Assign jobs to different members of your warehouse team
  • Both single and multi order operations
  • Dynamic bin storage available

Other NetSuite Apps

The current selection of Featured SuiteApps should give you some insight into the variety of NetSuite apps and integrations that are out there. There are SuiteApps for all different areas of your business, and this is just the featured ones. We recommend exploring the SuiteApp store to it's fullest to find even more apps that could streamline your operations.

It's also worth noting that there are integrations that can add great value to your business that aren't listed in the SuiteApp store. Our shipping automation platform, Shiptheory, has a NetSuite integration to save time and money with your shipping, for example. If you're interested, you can read more about the benefits of NetSuite shipping automation here.

Bottom line is, as powerful as NetSuite is, there's always a way to make your operation more efficient. Hopefully you can take some inspiration from the SuiteApps we've listed here and go and find one to enhance your business performance!

Sam Paternoster

Marketing Communications Executive at Shiptheory