Carrier Integrations Guide for NetSuite


Shipping is a vital part of your business processes and NetSuite operations. The shipping carrier, or carriers, you choose can have a huge impact on the perception of your brand. We covered this in a previous blog about how to retain more customers, but shipping is the last mile in your customer's journey.

This means it's the last thing they experience, and can form the most important impression on your customer. It's all well and good having an attractive website and a smooth checkout experience, but a poor shipping experience can nullify all your hard work.

To this end, you want to make sure you pick a reliable carrier to mange orders that matches your values. In this article, we're here to look at which carriers have native integrations. For those that don't, we'll be looking at how best to connect with them.

NetSuite Shipping Integrations

First things first, we'll go through the carriers that integrate natively with your NetSuite account. Any carriers in this section can be found in the SuiteApp store and connected without any implementation partners.

The advantage here is all of the functionality you need rests within NetSuite. This includes extensive documentation to make things as easy as possible for you.

FedEx NetSuite Integration

FedEx NetSuite Integration

With logistics expertise dating back to 1971, FedEx are one of the most widely known US and international carriers. With NetSuite's FedEx integration, you have access to FedEx vast delivery network at your fingertips. You'll need a FedEx account to get started. Once setup, you'll have access to a wealth of FedEx features and services:

  • Real-time FedEx shipping rates
  • Multiple locations enabled
  • Use the FedEx Label Type to customise the format your shipping labels
  • FedEx C.O.D. (Collect on Delivery) available for customers paying when receiving deliveries
  • Compatible with FedEx SmartPost and SmartPost Returns
  • Dangerous goods shipping available

UPS NetSuite Integration

UPS NetSuite Integration

Another one of the world's largest carriers is UPS, headquartered in Atlanta with over 100 years of logistics experience. Similarly to FedEx, you need a UPS account to get started before connecting and enabling international deliveries with UPS. The following features and services are available with the NetSuite UPS integration:

  • Live UPS shipping rates that can be for transactions before shipping
  • Multiple locations enabled
  • Print PDF labels with option for Single Label per Page
  • Payment on delivery option available by selecting UPS COD Method

USPS NetSuite Integration

USPS NetSuite Integration

USPS is the United States Postal Service, the national shipping provider of the US. USPS boasts being the only carrier to reach every address in the US, and delivers 48% of the world's mail. USPS is also the final native NetSuite integration on our list. the NetSuite USPS is powered by Endicia, and gives full access to USPS' online functionality:

  • Enabling Shipping Label Integration allows you to generate tracking numbers and print barcode shipping labels
  • Real time USPS rates if you charge for shipping
  • Both domestic and international USPS services

Shipping Software for NetSuite

Even thought there are three main carriers with native NetSuite integrations, there are other ways to manage shipping within NetSuite. Shipping automation platforms, for example, can transform the way you ship from NetSuite.

The advantages of using a shipping automation software can include:

  • Access to hundreds more huge carriers, such as Royal Mail, DHL and DPD
  • Managing shipments for multiple carriers in one place
  • Effectively manage orders, saving time and money and reducing human error

Whilst you're relying on an external platform to help, you are opening your business up to a lot more carriers and services. Shiptheory, for example, has over 50 carriers containing over 1000 services. By using our NetSuite integration, you can connect with all of these services and carriers despite not being a SuiteCloud app (yet!)

Choose wisely!

You should consider a variety of factors when choosing your carrier. Having a dedicated SuiteCloud app is a big plus, but not the only thing you should consider. Becoming a verified SDN developer can be a long and hard process, and plenty of fantastic carriers or shipping software providers don't have dedicated SuiteApps.

FedEx, UPS and USPS are all fantastic carriers, but don't limit yourself based on SuiteCloud availability. Remember how big an impact your carriers have on your brand perception. With that in mind, choose carriers and shipping software that's most likely to help delight your customers.

Sam Paternoster

Marketing Communications Executive at Shiptheory