5 of the Biggest Companies using NetSuite


NetSuite has a variety of different tools in its arsenal to galvanise businesses, and as a result, businesses from lots of different industries use NetSuite to their advantage. Looking at the case studies on their website, we can see NetSuite customers from 18 different industries, from hospitality to financial services, from nonprofits to the world's largest retailers.

We've picked some of the biggest and most recognisable ones to share with you some NetSuite customer stories, to help you understand how different tools are empowering companies to reach new heights.


Originating in the UK but now spanning 17 countries, YouGov was co-founded by current UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Nadhim Zahawi, and has seen fantastic growth since its inception. Using acquisition to accelerate its growth, YouGov rapidly began to feel the need for a new software to handle the wealth of their operations in one place.

Looking for a Sage alternative, YouGov were attracted to the sheer number of facilities NetSuite had to help them cope with their accelerating growth. This included NetSuite OneWorld, CRM, Revenue Recognition, Financial Planning, SuiteProjects and NetSuite Project Management.

The biggest win here from the perspective of the YouGov team was the 'single version of the truth' that NetSuite offered, allowing them access to a singular integrated view of their financials, customers, sales, internal processes and more. Since implementing NetSuite in 2007, YouGov's business has boomed even more, leaving them with no doubt over who to trust as they continued to grow.


ASICS is a globally recognisable sportswear brand, but one of the reasons it can boast this is that it turned to NetSuite to help it launch its brand into South-East Asia. Citing a difficulty being able to source and work with local professionals, the ASICS team based in Japan turned to NetSuite OneWorld to help them expand.

Using OneWorld,  ASICS were able to launch subsidiaries in both Singapore and India within 6 months. NetSuite helped ASICS adopt a 'two tier' ERP system, meaning that ASICS integrates with two ERP systems that feed data to one another.

Tier 1 typically covers core businesses functions at a high level, such as financial matters and human resources. Tier 2 tends to focus more on operations closer to the ground in the individual operation or subsidiary, such as sales and marketing. In adopting the two tier system, ASICS were able to manage their subsidiaries effectively whilst feeding the data back to 'Tier 1', allowing a view of the business across all of their subsidiaries. And all thanks to NetSuite!


Despite being Greek-based, Workable is by no means limited to its country of origin, having helped 20,000 companies in over 100 countries secure top talent for job vacancies. Huge companies such as Deloitte, Dominoes, Porsche, and even us here at Shiptheory were attracted to Workable due to the speed and ease of their hiring tools. This is in large part thanks to NetSuite, who helped save huge amounts of time to win Workable more clients.

Timesaving was the biggest win for Workable: after integrating NetSuite with their CRM, Workable were able to automate sending invoices and fulfilling sales orders. This time save was. whopping 64 hours a month, cutting down the time it took to do these tasks from 75 to 11 hours.

Amongst its time saving processes, Workable were impressed that they were able to adapt their processes within NetSuite as they progressed. Starting by using NetSuite OneWorld, Planning & Budgeting and SuiteProjects, the team noted how easy it would be to add other NetSuite products to their arsenal, keeping one eye on the future and their financial reporting tools.


PetShop.co.uk described themselves as 'in a David and Goliath situation' when taking on giants of their industry, such as Pets at Home and Zooplus, and Founder and CEO Adam Taylor was forced to think creatively so his business could fight against the industry titans. That creative thinking brought Adam to NetSuite, and they haven't looked back.

Using SuiteCommerce Advanced, PetShop were able to offer more flexibility than Amazon; Amazon only allows for monthly subscriptions, whereas NetSuite enabled PetShop to offer weekly deliveries, a far more convenient model for pet owners.

PetShop also replaced Mailchimp and hyper-personalised correspondence to the pets, addressing deliveries to them, as well as providing relevant targeted information in email sends. Despite its rapid expansion, reaching 300,000 subscribers 2 years after launch, PetShop were able to keep their staff numbers at 20, letting NetSuite do the heavy lifting for their business.

You can learn about how PetShop use Shiptheory and NetSuite together in our Shipping Success Story here.

Charlotte Tilbury

Cosmetic giant Charlotte Tilbury became one of the biggest NetSuite customers in 2015 and to this day have their very own in-house NetSuite team dedicated to extracting as much utility from it as possible. Following other big players in the cosmetics and beauty space such as Bayliss and Harding, Charlotte Tilbury is another beneficiary of OneWorld's expansion capabilities.

Much like ASICS, Charlotte Tilbury were attracted to NetSuite because of the way its tools could enable them to effectively manage subsidiaries, and found that NetSuite 'matched [their] business requirements and ambitions perfectly.' Tapping into OneWorld, Charlotte Tilbury could process 190 currencies in 19 languages, managing business in many different countries using a single solution.

On top of using OneWorld, the Charlotte Tilbury team also used the SuiteCloud development platform for further customisation and to help them with third party integrations. Overall, the power and flexibility of NetSuite's tools made it the ideal solution for Charlotte Tilbury.

Is NetSuite right for your business?

As you can probably see from these NetSuite customer stories, there are plenty of different tools and combinations of them at your disposal. Some NetSuite customers, such as YouGov, use an extensive selection of the NetSuite offering, whereas ASICS use OneWorld specifically to manage the launch of their subsidiaries.

Whatever the needs of your business, it's highly likely that there'll be something NetSuite offers that can help your business, so its definitely worth checking out their list of features to see if there's something that suits you. Likewise, we've picked out just a few of their customers, but there are ton more NetSuite customer success stories on the NetSuite website, with extensive filters to find relevant case studies.

One fantastic feature of these filters is you can look for the software that NetSuite replaced for these customers. This means that, along with filtering by industry and location to find similar businesses yourself, you can also see if anyone recommends switching from a software you're currently unhappy with. Even if you're happy, it's definitely worth seeing if NetSuite could help your business reach heights you didn't think you could reach!

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Sam Paternoster

Marketing Communications Executive at Shiptheory