Shiptheory, Crafted by Experience


Back in September 2015, we wrote about the history of Shiptheory, our team and where we've come from.

We've spent many years building shipping applications, integrations, hacks, scripts and general sorcery for a large number of businesses. From large international companies, all the way through to the small startup in their bedroom, clamouring for eBay reviews.

Great... so what?

So... we've seen those small bedroom businesses, selling on eBay, roll out a Magento store, then integrate with an ERP such as Brightpearl, take on new staff and 10x their revenue in a year.

We've witnessed and had to solve logistics issues that large organisations suffer: For how to automatically print labels based on a warehouse location?

  • How to automatically calculate shipping rates?
  • The problems of third party integrations casuing bottlenecks?
  • How to deal with a team of 100 warehouse staff all picking orders and shipments at the same time without mistakes?

And we've been able to keep in mind the differences and similarities between small and large businesses, allowing us to build a tool to help businesses process shipments automatically from their eCommerce stores, their account software and their sales channels without asking for the users to configure to many options and features, but the features are there if they need.

A ton of features, doesn't everybody?###

Not always and when they do they're hard to find, configure or use. We've proudly built our UI with your business needs in mind, no matter your size, industry or workflow.

We understand that initially people just want to test things out, irrespective of company size. Who wants to spend a day configuring and honing options? You want to check it out how it works.

It's at that point we usually get a support ticket come through along the lines of:

"Hey Support,
We love the look of the platform and it seems to work exactly how we'd like, except we tend to use barcode scanners and automatically print our labels out rather than manually printing them with a button, is there any way we can do this?"

To which they'd receive a reply:

"Hey Awesome Customer,
No worries, your workflow is entirely supported with Shiptheory. Check out this article on how to get started.
If you'd like one of us to give you a call and run through either in a chat session or on the phone with you, let us know and we'll talk you through how to get this going this afternoon"

The future

We realise emailing to ask about certain features isn't necessarily fun, but it does allow us to help get things up and running quickly and smoothly for customers - which is our main concern.

As of January 2016, we will be releasing monthly video sessions showing new features we've added to Shiptheory in that previous month as well as some of the existing features that people may find useful.

Mark Mikkelson

Automation and workflow specialist