This is Shiptheory


I'd like to introduce Shiptheory and the team behind the scenes. Perhaps a good place to start is with a little background on how we have arrived here.

Since 2007, the team behind Shiptheory have been working hard to help online and offline retailers get the most from their software. One of our emphasis has consistently been shipping and fulfillment automation through integration. The thought of manual data entry, copy-pasting and uploading and downloading spreadsheets has always left us with a longing for something better. Something sleeker, bulletproof and instant.

Our Ethos

We are a simple bunch, we believe that automated shipping should be available to businesses of all sizes and at a fair price.

That is why do not tie you into a contract, allow you to upgrade or downgrade your account at anytime, provide bolt-ons to help you get through those seasonal peaks without the need for an awkward discussion with your accounts department. In fact, we think smaller companies shouldn't have to pay at all, that is why we provide a free account that never expires. Read more about our pricing.

The Move to SaaS

The shipping software we built previous to Shiptheory has and continues to help thousands of businesses dispatch hundreds of thousands orders year after year with as little human intervention as possible.

As businesses become more mobile in their approach to the workforce and logistics, shipping software needed to become smarter and provide greater flexibility. Desktop applications connected to huge printers have had their day. It's time to allow businesses to ship in a way that best suits the business. Ship from your iPad, desktop computer or mobile phone. You no longer need to be tied to a desk.

Managed Cloud Based Shipping is Better

Taking everything we've learned over the past years and bringing all of our shipping integration's together in one cloud based platform results in a better service for our customers. Taking the desktop software out of warehouses and providing a managed online alternative means your shipping software is always up to date, secure and hassle free.

Allow Shiptheory to run your shipping directly from the cloud and spend more time progressing your business. You shouldn't be spending your time working around the foibles of aged desktop shipping software, let Shiptheory take care of everything for you.

What's Ahead for Shiptheory?

Shiptheory has been in development since late 2014. In January 2015, we began accepting customers that were gracious enough to help us fine tune our shipping automation software before our public release. In September 2015 we officially opened our doors, providing Magento and Brightpearl integration with a long list of carriers, including Royal Mail, UK Mail, APC, DPD, UPS and more.

Over the coming months and years, Shiptheory plans to integrate with all popular carriers and platforms.

You can view our road map online here. If you notice something we are missing, please make contact, we'd love to talk to you.