Barcode Reader Support is Here!


Every Shiptheory user has a different process when it comes to shipping. It's our goal to be as flexible as possible by supporting as many different warehouse workflow scenario's as possible. Our latest feature, barcode reader label printing, fits perfect into warehouses that use a staged picking, packing and shipping process.

It is now possible to print shipping labels using nothing but your barcode reader and label printer thanks to our new Barcode Scanning feature.

print magento, brightpearl and exact shipping labels with a barcode reader

Our barcode scanning interface provides a print history audit trial that shows the order reference, shipment reference, customer number and number of boxes. Having a timeline of exactly what you have printed makes it easy to track the order you are currently packing.

Printing Shipping Labels with a Barcode Reader

If you are printing picking slips or invoices from Magento, Brightpearl or Exact that contain a barcode, you can use that barcode to automatically print your shipping labels.

barcode reader settings

Shiptheory currently supports barcodes that contain either the Shipment Reference or the Order Reference, as shown above.

We'd love to hear your feedback

If you have any questions or comments around our barcode functionality, please get in touch or leave a message in the comments below.