We've landed in the Zoey App Marketplace!


Shiptheory has officially landed in the Zoey App Marketplace. You can now connect to the worlds most popular carriers directly from your Zoey store using your Shiptheory account.

Zoey shipping integration

Zoey is a premium ecommerce platform original built with Magento at it's core. Since 2014, the Zoey team have enhanced, optimised and expanded on their Magento base to bring you the Zoey ecommerce platform as you know it today.

The Zoey store is an interesting read. You can find it in full here.

With Shiptheory's popularity among Magento users, it made sense to integrate with the increasing popular Zoey platform.

Zoey Shipping Label Integration

The Shiptheory Zoey app makes it easy for you to integrate with FedEx, UPS, DHL, Royal Mail, DPD, Parcelforce, UK Mail and more of the worlds most popular shippers.

If you've seen Shiptheory in action on Magento, you are already in good stead to start shipping from Zoey.

Create shipping rules in your Shiptheory account. You can use the order weight, value, product data and more to calculate which orders are shipped with which carriers. Then simply Ship your orders in Zoey. Shiptheory will pickup the orders, run them through your rules, electronically transfer the consignment data to the carrier, print a shipping label and pre-populate your daily manifest.

Shipment Tracking in Zoey

When Shiptheory processes the orders you shipped from Zoey, the tracking number provided by your carrier is instantly returned to the order in Zoey and emailed directly to the customer.

The easier we make it for your customers to track their orders, they happy they will be with your service as a whole. You will also likely see a considerable reduction in customer inquiries regarding the status of orders you have dispatched already that are currently working their way though your shippers network.

You can read more about Zoey and Shiptheory in the Zoey Marketplace.