Shiptheory January 2023 Changelog


Is it too late to say Happy New Year?

Even though the Shiptheory team had a restful holiday season, we've still been very busy around that. Our latest changelog includes some great new features for our new Dashboard, a ton of new carriers for Returns users, Address Validation and much more.

Without further ado, let's get into all the fantastic changes our team have been working on since our last update!

General Shiptheory Upgrades

  • Your Total Product Weight (which may be different from your Shipment Weight) is now available as a shipping rule condition.
  • Users can now change the number of boxes via the Pick, Pack & Ship feature.
  • The new dashboard now has a direct link to our Pick, Pack & Ship feature
  • Created time (instead of only created date) is now available on the Advanced Dashboard as a channel option
  • Advanced Dashboard names can now display the actual name of your store, rather than the platform it's made from, such as Shopify or Magento.
  • The Advanced Dashboard now allows you to show the products on the order directly on the grid.
  • You can now create Picking List templates in the same way you can Integrated Label templates. This can be printed manually in bulk or per shipment, or as part of the automatic label printing process. Manual actions are only available from the Advanced Dashboard
  • You can now Archive a shipment by right clicking on the Advanced Dashboard

New Product Functionality

Returns Management:

  • Retailers can now charge for returns! A huge new feature for Returns Shop users.
  • We're delighted to have added a variety of DHL, UPS and Evri/Hermes returns options, giving Returns Management users far more flexibility when choosing carriers.
  • Another big one for the Returns Shop - customers can now create 'return rules' to specify which carriers are selected based on the consumers return reasons! This includes rules based on Product Value.
  • For customers who ship their orders in separate shipments, consumers can now search for orders from multiple shipments by entering the order number and the returns portal will display all matching orders with that reference number.

Address Validation:

  • A new feature! Address Validation allows retailers to auto-fail orders allowing them time to fix and retry. Additionally, they are are able to enabled auto address correction for invalid address, whereby we'll do our best to correct the address and continue shipping.

Handwritten Notes:

  • You can now generate a preview of your handwritten note before sending!


  • You can now view synced stock counts from product popup.

Integration Specific Changes

  • You can now download your shipped Shopify fulfilments.
  • You can also retry complete orders in the latest Shopify app (ShopifyStores).
  • The new Shopify integration now supports payment status and order tag triggers.
  • VisualSoft now supports native commodity data.
  • FedEx OneRate is now supported.
  • UPS now has more flexibility for Third Party Billing.

Get in touch!

We take pride in our products being customer-driven at Shiptheory. Open dialogue with customers and users plays a huge part in deciding the direction of our product.

If you're looking for a feature that would transform your shipping or need an integration built that will simplify your process, speak to your point of contact at in the Shiptheory team today - we'll see what we can do!

Sam Paternoster

Marketing Communications Executive at Shiptheory