Shiptheory February Update


Long time no see - did you miss us? It's been a little while since our last update, but there's been plenty of exciting stuff happening here at Shiptheory. Scroll down for info on the new Shiptheory dashboard, our latest webinar, updates on our upcoming Canada Post, Katana and NetSuite integrations and more!

Improved Shiptheory Dashboard

After listening to your feedback, the team have been working hard on an update to the Shiptheory dashboard. The new update aims to give you much more flexibility over what you can see by allowing you to create, delete, reorder and rename tabs, as well as enhanced filtering and ordering.

There's plenty of upgrades to the new dashboard, but don't just take our word for it - you can try out the Beta version yourself by clicking the Shiptheory header dropdown in your account and selecting 'Beta Dashboard'.

As it's still in Beta, we'd love to hear your feedback - let your Account Manager know what you like or don't like about the new dashboard.

Pick, Pack & Ship in One Click: New Webinar from Shiptheory

Shiptheory's first webinar of 2022 took place this week on Tuesday 22nd February, co-hosted by Boost my Shop. We were happy to welcome a number of guests to learn some eCommerce, shipping and fulfilment wisdom, followed by a comprehensive Q&A.

If you weren't able to attend, not to worry: the webinar is now available online so you can catch up! Here's the recording for your viewing pleasure:

Top 7 Automation Apps for eCommerce Stores

Mundane, repetitive tasks are a major headache for eCommerce stores. They're inefficient and each time the task is performed is an opportunity for human error to creep in.

We explore 7 of the best eCommerce automation apps out there in our latest blog. Could one of these automation apps be the key to saving you time, money and keeping your team happier?

New Shipping Success Story: The Workplace Depot

From supermarkets such as Asda and the Co-Op, to huge multinationals such as Amazon and Sky, the Workplace Depot is committed to supplying premium workplace equipment to companies from a variety of industries.

Based in Nottingham, they are perfectly placed to supply their 20,000+ products to customers up and down the UK, as well as abroad. Learn how Shiptheory helps The Workplace Depot ensure their shipping operation runs without a hitch. Read more about them here!

Coming Soon...

Canada Post: Canada's reliable national provider, Canada Post, is next up on our list of carrier integrations and will be released shortly, allowing Shiptheory users in North America even greater carrier variety.

Katana: We're close to releasing a new integration with Katana, a manufacturing ERP software built to give you visibility and control over all the moving parts of your business: inventory, sales, and beyond.

NetSuite: Finally, we're almost ready to launch our NetSuite integration. NetSuite is a cloud-based business management software that helps companies manage core business processes with a single, fully integrated system covering ERP/financials, CRM, eCommerce, inventory and more.

Sam Paternoster

Marketing Communications Executive at Shiptheory