Shiptheory 2020 Update


The start of a brand new decade is also the time of exciting updates at Shiptheory. We've been working our socks off since our last update to bring you more ways to make your shipping process even easier.

Read our 2020 update to find out what's new in the 'shipiverse'.


We're proud to announce that we have added four new channel integrations with the popular platforms of Etsy, Squarespace, Amazon, and Xero.


All you creative shop owners out there can now integrate your Etsy store directly to Shiptheory. This means that you will be able to see your orders and shipments from your store all in one place.

Connecting your Etsy account is easy. Simply enable Etsy on the 'Manage Channels' drop-down menu. Once you're connected, new orders will automatically appear in your Shiptheory account.


Squarespace and Shiptheory now go hand in hand with smooth shipping and delivery.

To connect your Squarespace store to Shiptheory you need to create an API key. This is found in your Settings > Advanced  > Squarespace API Keys > Create Keys.

Once this is connected, any orders that come through your Squarespace checkout will be shown on your Shiptheory dashboard.


Amazon sellers, you can now connect to Shiptheory to automate your shipping label printing.

Once an order has been paid by the customer and Amazon gives it an 'Unshipped' status, Shiptheory will receive the order details. Then you can get going with your automated shipping labels, making your shipping so much faster than before.


A brand new feature is the arrival of the integration with accounting software, Xero.

Rather than sending orders or shipments, invoices from Xero will be sent to your Shiptheory dashboard for you to print shipping labels. Instead of orders, this software uses the concept of 'invoices'.

You can also manage what data is downloaded and uploaded from the software with notes and tracking updates, find out how it works  in our Xero guide.

New Feature - Unleashed

For Unleashed software users, we've added the feature to download shipments based on their status option.

By default, Shiptheory receives your Unleashed order as soon as a shipment has been created. However, with this update, you can select a particular shipment status an order must reach before it is sent to Shiptheory.


We are pleased to announce that over the last few months we have added 9 new carriers to Shiptheory, further increasing your shipping capabilities.


Popular parcel delivery and courier service, Hermes, has been added as a carrier to Shiptheory. We have support for Hermes international shipping to the EU and beyond.

The services we support include Parcel, Parcel Next Day, Parcel Next Day Signed, and Parcel Signed.


We've created a quick and easy way to automate your shipping labels for Whistl. If you have a Whistl account, simply enter your Whistl login credentials then add the carrier to your Shiptheory account.

Advanced settings are available to schedule collection times, change currency, choose custom charges responsibility, and set default parcel dimensions.

GLS Netherlands

Shipping to or from the Netherlands? We've got you covered.

With our brand spanking new integration with GLS Netherlands, there's even more choice for international shipping carriers.

Read our support guide on how to connect your GLS account to Shiptheory.

DX Express

DX Express offers next-day or scheduled courier deliveries, and has secure delivery for high-value items.

Now you'll never have to manually type out a DX Express label again by automating your shipping labels with Shiptheory. As your orders are being processed, DX shipping labels will be created from your e-commerce store or order management system.

Swiss Post

The national postage service of Switzerland, Swiss Post, is another new Shiptheory carrier. Follow our support guide to learn how to start automating your shipping from Swiss Post.

A variety of Swiss Post settings can be used within Shiptheory. These include free text notifications to your end customer, the option to select customer delivery instructions, and more.


InPost has a network of 1,200 automated parcel lockers in secure locations throughout the UK. This carrier is a great choice if you want to offer the convenience of 24/7 parcel collection for your e-commerce customers.

Shiptheory's integration with InPost manages your shipments in one place,  automates label printing, and notifies customers of their tracking numbers.


Working with over 250 retailers across the world, Caribou's courier and logistics services operate in over 120 countries.

The addition of Caribou means that you can view all shipments that have been booked in via Caribou on your Shiptheory account. Have a look at our 'how-to' page to find out more.


The international shipping carrier, Aramex delivery unlimited, has been added to Shiptheory. Connecting your account to Shiptheory is easy if you simply follow the steps in our Aramex support guide.  

DPD Netherlands & DPD Ireland

DPD Netherlands ( and DPD Ireland ( have been added as carriers to Shiptheory.

DPD Netherlands is the second biggest delivery service in the European parcel market, shipping to over 230 countries. Connecting your account to Shiptheory

Plus, DPD Ireland offers an efficient Next Day delivery service throughout Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

That's our lot for 2020 so far, but watch this space for the latest updates. These new features and integrations have been made in response to the needs of our customers and we are always open to more feedback.

If you have any questions or need any guidance with using these features, our support team is always happy to help.