1 Endpoint, A World of Carriers - Shipping API


Whilst Shiptheory strives to create seamless integration's; connecting your websites, CRM's, warehouses and account software with your carriers, we also get that you may be rocking a bespoke system and sometimes need to get your hands a little dirty. That is why we are happy to announce our Shipping API.

Shiptheory Shipping API

The Shiptheory API makes all of your carriers available through just one endpoint. Unified data requests and responses means you only need to integrate with one shipping API to automate your warehouse entirely.

We work closely with the carriers we support to make sure your labels are perfect, deliveries arrive on time and customers are kept informed. If you don't like the idea of spending the next three months asking the overworked Royal Mail integration team to check that the labels you've created using the Royal Mail API are up to scratch, don't worry, you don't have to. We've done it for you.

What We're Packing ...

If you have a stack of shipping WSDL's printed out and sat on your desk, you can throw them out, we don't use WSDL's, you're grown up enough to send us well formatted data.

We've built you a REST API, that communicates using JSON or XML, whichever makes your developers life easier. Happy developers = Happier customers. (There is a science to that, we'll show you it sometime with fancy graphics and headline catching statistics.)

The Shipping API currently has the following methods available:
  1. Book a Consignment with a Carrier
    Royal Mail, FedEx, DPD, Tuffnells, it doesn't matter who your carrier is, if we support it you only need to make one call and your consignment is ready to go.

  2. Get an Existing Consignment & Print Shipping Labels
    When you book a consignment, the Shipping API returns some useful information about your shipment along with any tracking numbers that are available. (Also, any errors from the Carrier, Godzilla-forbid!)
    If you need a fresh window on a consignment at a later date, you can call up any labels you've previous booked.

Chop Chop, Ship Ship!

Get building! You can find our developer documentation here. We've also created a POSTMAN collection so that you can start making test calls to your Shiptheory account right away. Which, btw, you can create here if you do not already have.

There's also some sample code on the above link. Feel free to send us sample code in your favorite language. If we add it to our documentation we'll send you a surprise in the mail. The more obscure the language, the more effort we'll go to when we look around the office at something to stuff into a box for you.

We've love to see what you build with our API!

Happy Coding.