We've Integrated with Palletways!


Palletways, founded in 1994, transport over 30,000 pallets everyday across their network of more than 400 depots in 20 countries.

In May, we added Palletways to the growing list of carriers we integrate with, making it easy for Magento and Shopify store owners, Brightpearl users and Exact users to entirely automate their shipping process.

Palletways integration

Palletways have won awards for innovation through their IT systems. From the Paletways proof of delivery mobile application to the Palletways Digital Information Hub, providing up to date to and transparent delivery information to both the sender and receiver.

Our integration with Palletways allows Shiptheory users to leverage the Palletways growing network, spanning 13 hubs throughout Europe.

On the 1st of June 2016, Palletways was acquired by Imperial Holdings Limited for a total transaction value of £163 million.

Palletways Shipping Rule Automation

Create automated Palletways shipping rules from your Shiptheory account to drive the production of shipping labels for your pallets. Shiptheory electronically transfers pallet information to your Palletways account, keeping your customers informed at all times during the packing and delivery process.

Setup rules based on consignment weight, value, contents, destination, pallet size, number of pallets and more for entirely automated pallet delivery.

Create a free Shiptheory account and try out Palletways integration today.

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