Starlinks Integration


Our latest carrier integration is Starlinks Global who provide innovative delivery solutions to brands and retailers looking to access the global eCommerce market. Starlinks Global offer retail, consignee and logistics expertise to support retailers wherever they may be in the world to multiple global destinations.

We're particularly excited to welcome Starlinks to the Shiptheory family as our first carrier with expertise in the GCC area. Starlinks is a carrier with proud Saudi roots that has been successfully operating in the GCC region for over 60 years, positioning them as experts on the business environment, regulatory framework, economic and market dynamics of Saudi, GCC and the greater MENA region.  The solutions they offer into the GCC are available from the UK and a number of other international origins.

Despite their expertise in the GCC, Starlinks have a number of other solutions to key e-commerce markets such as Australia, the USA and more. Shiptheory customers will have access to the full range of Starlinks Global destinations, allowing retailers to access seamless delivery and expertise in whichever markets they're looking to expand into.

Starlinks Global specialise in enabling access to the GCC region and other key worldwide and European markets for all sizes of Retailers and SME’s. Through Starlinks proprietary carrier management platform, retailers can access a carrier library that can be tailored by origin and destination, offering landed cost and localisation capabilities. Starlinks Global offers more than just delivery through its’ comprehensive and differentiated range of solutions to support increasing global sales.

To integrate Starlinks within your Shiptheory account, select Starlinks from our carrier list, add your credentials, test your connection and get started for free.

Shiptheory’s intelligent shipping rules engine allows you to automate every step of your shipping process based on a combination of shipping destination, order weight, value, product SKU’s and more.

Shiptheory's automation shipping rules put large parts of your Starlinks fulfilment process on autopilot and save you time and money by speeding up your entire shipping process. Select from Starlinks Cross Border or Starlinks Express Cross Border and get your shipments moving.

Shiptheory allows you to set default values for currency, package weight and override your default incoterm in your advanced settings, giving you even more control over your Starlinks operations.

Choose from different enhancements to specify whether you would like the recipient to pay cash on delivery, whether you want the recipient to sign for the package when it is delivered, whether your shipment contains dangerous goods and more.

You can find out a little more about Starlinks and what they offer by heading over to, and to find out more about the specifics of integrating Shiptheory and Starlinks, check out the Starlinks integration page and our dedicated Starlinks support documentation.

Sam Paternoster

Marketing Communications Executive at Shiptheory