Shiptheory June Update


The summer months are rolling in and Shiptheory HQ is as busy as ever. We're powering through the heat and have some exciting updates on our Returns Portal, Brightpearl's Lightning 50, new integration with Starlinks and more!

New Shiptheory Returns Portal

We recently sent out an email to our customers inviting Return Magic users to free beta access to our new Returns Portal. We wanted to help out the retailers who may have been left high and dry due to Return Magic shutting down, but the Returns Portal will soon be live to all of our customers.

We're delighted to reaffirm our commitment to streamlining shipping for all of our users by expanding our offering to include returns management. Check out this preview of the Returns Portal to explore its features, and keep an eye out for the full release soon!

Our latest carrier integration is Starlinks Global, who provide innovative delivery solutions to brands and retailers looking to access the global eCommerce market. We're particularly excited to welcome Starlinks to the Shiptheory family as our first carrier with expertise in the GCC area.

Starlinks is a carrier with proud Saudi roots that has been successfully operating in the GCC region for over 60 years, positioning them as experts all things Saudi, GCC and the greater MENA region. Starlinks also have a number of other solutions to key eCommerce markets such as Australia, the USA and more! Follow this link to find out more about our Starlinks integration.

Sign up for Brightpearl's Lightning 50

eCommerce retailer with impressive growth figures over the last year? Read on, this one's for you.

If you didn’t know, we’ve teamed up with Brightpearl to find contenders for their Lightning 50 - a list of the eCommerce retailers in the UK and US with the most impressive growth over the last year. Last year’s winner topped the league with a phenomenal growth rate of over 10,000%, and was able to supercharge that growth further with the exposure from Brightpearl and its industry partners.

Applications are sill open and it's free to enter, so what do you have to lose? If you're interested in getting the recognition your business deserves, submit your Lightning 50 entry today!

Shipping Success Stories: Jimmy's Iced Coffee

After previously featuring in the Shiptheory newsletter with a big thank you for supplying the office, we now have a full fledged interview with the team behind Jimmy's Iced Coffee!

A favourite in not only our office fridge but in supermarkets across the UK, Jimmy's is a brand as committed to its environmental and ethical impact as it's core mission to stock all good fridges around the world with quality iced coffee. The Shiptheory team are delighted to be supporting Jimmy's and enabling them to ship more efficiently from their Shopify store, so they can focus on the important stuff!

5 things to AVOID if you want to retain customers

Creating a customer retention strategy may be an afterthought, and something that you think comes after building an impressive storefront or large customer base. The reality couldn't be further from the truth.

Customer retention is key to any growing business, and we've examined the biggest pitfalls that are losing people customers in our recent blog. Find out what's hurting your customer retention here!

Sam Paternoster

Marketing Communications Executive at Shiptheory