Hallo Bring!


We've put on our winter coats to bring you our latest carrier integration, Bring. And we're super excited about it.

Bring, based in Norway, ship small and large goods, including foodstuffs, within the Nordic area and internationally. With a growing network (and an awesome booking API), we are excited to add Bring shipping integration to Magento, Exact, Brightpearl and Shopify, via the Shiptheory platform.

Bring shipping label booking integration

Integrated Bring Shipping Labels

Our Bring integrates make it easy for your to automatically book deliveries with Bring directly from your online store or ERP package.

Process your store orders as you normally would and Shiptheory will take care of booking your orders with Bring. After Shiptheory has created a Bring label for you, your Bring tracking number will automatically be sent back to Magento, Shopify, Brightpearl or whichever platform you have connected. The same tracking number will land in your customers inbox, automatically. Shipping perfection!

Bring Shipping Rules

Bring Shipping rules

Let our shipping rules engine take the pain away from your shipping process. With a smart formula, orders will be dispatched on the perfect shipping service without any manual intervention.

Try Bring Integration for Free

We would love to show you how much time our Bring booking integration can save you. Try our Bring integration for free today.