February 2018 Update


It's approaching the end of February and the perfect time to let you know what we've been working on these past few months. This is going to be a big update so I'll break it down into three sections for you which will be Channels, Carriers and Features.




Over the past couple of months, we've added a new channel to our list of integrations, ChannelGrabber. You might be familiar with them already and if you are you can login to your Shiptheory account and integrate your ChannelGrabber account right away. If you're not familiar with ChannelGrabber and would like a brief explanation of what it is take a read below.

The name of the game with ChannelGrabber is inventory management, it links all your channels together so that when you make a sale from your Amazon store, for example, ChannelGrabber will automatically update the stock on your eBay profile this is really helpful in preventing you from receiving orders for an item that's out of stock. It's a simple idea yet it's such a helpful function for a lot of businesses.

Learn more about ChannelGrabber from their own website.



As you can see by the picture below, Palletforce is one of our newest carriers and they're also one of the biggest palletised freight network in the UK and are expanding all over the world, so much that they recently launched Palletforce Asia Services to capitalise even more on their popularity.

if you're interested in using Palletforce you can do so by clicking on this link here and from there you'll just need to enter various bits of information some of which are in the picture below and after that you should be ready to start booking your shipments with Palletforce

if you have any questions about getting started with Palletforce feel free to send our support team a message and they'd be more than happy to help.

Yamato Europe

Some of you might be familiar with the Japanese door-to-door delivery giants Yamato Transport, well now their European cousins Yamato Transport Europe has been integrated with Shiptheory so if you're looking at shipping with them now would be a good time to start as we can automate anything you ship with them.

Yamato Transport Europe are relatively new compared to Yamato Transport, being established in October 2nd 1986. Even being so new, you might be familiar with their logo, this is because it's the same as their parent company used, which is as popular in Japan as the Coca-Cola logo is too America. The black kitten being carried by it's mother symbolises the companies promise to take care of any items entrusted to them.

Read more about Yamato Europe here.

PostNord Sweden

You might not know but PostNord Sweden wasn't always PostNord, they were founded in 1636 under the name Posten AB and only recently merged with its Danish equivalent, Post Danmark A/S, in 2009 forming PostNord AB.

While Postnord itself was already an option, Postnord Sweden has now been made available, you find them by looking in your Postnord settings within the integration and you should see a drop down which shows Postnord Sweden as an option now.


If you're having any trouble with getting setup with Postnord Sweden let our support team know and we'll be happy to help.

Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfilment

Amazon are a well known sellers platform as you probably know, you can both buy and sell on there. Now we integrate with what Amazon have called their 'Multi-Channel Fulfilment' service, this essentially allows you to ship orders via Amazon even if they're from other channels that aren't Amazon.

I imagine a lot of you are interested in this considering how big of a brand Amazon are so i'll recommend you take a look at this article we've written on what exactly their Multi-Channel Fulfilment is.

Just in case you're knew to Shiptheory and want to use Amazon with us you can enable the integration by clicking on this link here.



Some of you might have already seen the first of our two new features, we have implemented a way to view your shipping metrics which is shown below.


You can access this here, a basic idea of what this does is that it provides you with the information on what and how you're shipping your goods, with this knowledge you can make the best decisions in regards to making your shipping costs as efficient as possible.


The second of our two shipments is the new 'track' function for shipments, clicking this button takes you to the correct carrier tracking portal for that shipment, providing the carrier has a tracking portal for us to link to.

You can do this by clicking here on a shipment and clicking on the 'track' button.


It's worth noting that tracking information might not always be available as soon as the shipment is booked so it's worth waiting a day for the carriers themselves to display the information.

That's it for February! as you can see we've been working hard to add a lot of new features and integrations for our customers. If you have any queries or questions please don't hesitate to contact our support team.