DHL Integration Is Here!


DHL, the multi-award winning logistics company owned by German firm, Deutsche Post, are one of the worlds biggest shippers. With a fleet of over 250 aircraft as well as a healthy compliment of ground services, rail services and sea services, DHL can get your orders delivered to over 200 countries.

Adding DHL support to Shiptheory extends the international reach of our Magento, Brightpearl and Exact customers.

DHL Integration for Magento, Brightpearl and Exact

DHL Integration for Magento, Brightpearl and Exact

At the time of writing this, Shiptheory integrates with Magento, Brightpearl and Exact. We call these platforms channels. Adding DHL to the list of supported carriers results in our DHL integration being available across all of our of supported channels.

It doesn't matter if you are using Magento, Brightpearl, Exact or any channels we add in the future; all of your DHL shipping labels will be available in one place for you to print along with any other carrier labels you have to print.

Updating Your Customers

When Shiptheory creates a DHL label, the tracking number is returned from DHL and updated instantly in your channel. This means no need for you to manually type or copy and paste DHL tracking numbers. Shiptheory can keep your customers in the loop.

DHL Shipping Rules for Automatic Dispatch

The shipping rules engine behind Shiptheory gives you complete control how your orders are dispatched with DHL.

Creating shipping rules based on the value of the order, the weight, destination and other factors allows you to totally remove any need to manually create DHL labels.

Try DHL Integration for Free

If you are shipping DHL consignments with Brightpearl, Magento or Exact, we'd love you to try our new integration.

Brightpearl DHL Trial

Magento DHL Trial

Exact DHL Trial

If you would like to know more, please reach out to us - We've love to hear from you.