Shiptheory is all about automation. The more tasks we can remove from your day, the better. The idea behind Shiptheory is to integrate your store front or back office system directly with your carrier or warehouse. To print shipping labels automatically and instantly. There are times when a fully automated path may not be available. Those are bad times. But we can can still help. For those times, we've introduced CSV Exports.

You may be rocking an older system or use a 3PL that does not provide any means of direct integration but does provide a CSV import feature. In this situation, build a custom CSV template in Shiptheory that matches your required format and export/import all of your orders at a click of a button.

Create a Custom CSV Template

Using the Shiptheory CSV Template tool, create a CSV that mates your 3PL or third party requirement. You have the flexibility to add delivery address data, shipment detail, product information and senders information in any format you require.

CSV Export

Export Shipments to CSV

Now that you have setup a CSV template, simply select the shipment you wish to export and Export to CSV. You will then be presented with a downloadable CSV file containing all of your order data, ready to import elsewhere.

When you export shipments to a predefined CSV template, the Channel that sent Shiptheory the order (Magento, Brightpearl, Shopify and so forth) will be updated.

Bridging the 3PL Technology Gap

We stumble across many 3PL's that still not do not have adequate API's. This makes it a little tricky for us to create seamless integration's. The 3PL sector is making headway in this area and there are some awesome third party logistics companies with full API's. For those without, our CSV export tool should save you a notable amount of time every day when running your shipping manifest.

Fully Flexible CSV Exports

Because you can define multiple, fully bespoke CSV export templates in Shiptheory, you are covered in most situations. If need help setting up a CSV Export to integrate with something you have in play, please get in touch - We'd be happy to work with you to trim as much time spent doing repetitive copy paste tasks from your day as possible.