Automatic Shipping Label Printing has Landed!


For years, one of the killer features of our old desktop based software was the ability to have shipping labels automatically print when a new shipment was created in the backend (albeit, Magento, Brightpearl, Exact, Shopify or a different ERP).

We pleased to introduce you to the Shiptheory desktop print client.

Automatic label printing per carrier

No Java Required!

There's a programming complexity, primarily to do with security, why a web system like Shiptheory struggles to speak
to printers automatically without the use of horrible dated Java web applets that look more like they would be found in the configuration of a Nuclear power station than in a modern day web platform such as Shiptheory.

We are happy to announce that our desktop printing applet does not require Java. If you've spent the past 2 years getting your Java settings just right for the Royal Mail DMO website and are scared to death to touch anything, we've got you covered.

No Java, no web applets, no conflicts, no printing prompts, no downloading PDF's. Just an awesome desktop app that works on Windows and Mac that allows you to automatically print orders to your desired printers.

Automatic Label Printing

There are a couple of ways in which you can use Shiptheory to automatically print your shipping labels. We'll explore them below.

Automatic Based on Carrier

If you use several carriers, each with their own printer, this may work perfectly for you.

Shiptheory allows you to map a printer to a carrier. As soon as Shiptheory generates a new label for any of your mapped carriers, the label is sent to the corresponding printer.
Automatic label printing per carrier

So you use 4 different carriers who all have different label sizes and printers? No problem.

Shiptheory makes it possible for you you to map which printers you wish to use for which carriers. Labels are automatically printed at the correct label size, on the correct carriers printer.

Barcode Driven Label Printing

If you have several label printers in action, or a few difference warehouse staff, the solution above may not be quite right for you. Printing shipping labels using a barcode scanner, could be a much better fit for your workflow.

Particularly useful for the warehouse that has 10+ staff all running about jumping between computers
Automatic label printing per carrier

Using our Scan a Barcode page, simply scan the order number or shipment number of the consignment you're working on and select the printer the label is to be printed from.

This means you can pick 10 orders from your warehouse, pack them in boxes, scan the barcodes on the picking notes and grab the labels from the printers without the need to click around in interfaces. The simplest most effective way to make sure you're sending the right stuff every time.

Give Automatic Printing a Try

We built automatic printing to trim even more time and stress from your print, pack and shipping process. We've love you to try it. Please get in touch.

Mark Mikkelson

Automation and workflow specialist