Temple Cycles is a fantastic success story of a Bristol-based business experiencing phenomenal growth, whilst powered by two pieces of software which were launched from Bristol - Shiptheory and Unleashed. What started as founder Matt's hobby and side-hustle during his time at University of Bristol has developed into a large business, assembling high quality custom bikes and distributing them around the world.

As the business grew, things became more and more complex - custom bikes have limitless customisation options, and can be sent all around the world to consumers or to stores that are selling Temple's bikes themselves. Learn how the combination of Shiptheory and Unleashed have empowered Temple Cycles to ensure their operations run smoothly and efficiently, helping enable their enormous growth.

Temple Cycles Interview

We visited the Temple Cycles workshop to get the lowdown on how Shiptheory and Unleashed makes them 50% more efficient.

Temple Cycles Q&A

Temple Cycles had a lot more to say - here's even more about how Shiptheory and Unleashed are empowering their business to grow.