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ScrubDaddy are a household staple, initially throughout the US and now around the world. Founder Aaron Krause initially conceived of the idea whilst running a manufacturing business, patenting the sponge with one smooth and one grooved side. The idea was shelved and didn't gather steam, until Aaron used it to clean his own lawn furniture and realised the potential.

Lori Greiner, too, saw the potential when Aaron took pitched the idea on Shark Tank, and the idea has since become one of the most profitable products taken onto the show. With a huge increase in interest and tons of spin off products to boot, the Scrub Daddy team needed a solution to help them seamlessly ship their products, both within the US and around the world. Hear how Shiptheory helped Scrub Daddy set up a process beyond their wildest shipping dreams.

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If we got bombarded with 5,000 orders, it would probably take me 4-5 days to assign all those boxes and create all those batches. Now, I don't touch them at all.

Scrub Daddy Interview

Here's all that Michael Caruso, eCommerce Manager at Scrub Daddy, had to say about how Shiptheory has transformed their process.
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