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PetShop began its journey back in 2009 when founder Adam attempted to set up a recurring pet food subscription, and none seemed to exist. PetShop was founded, and is now the UK's largest independent online pet shop, taking on established giants such as Pets At Home and Amazon.

A real David and Goliath story, PetShop needed to make sure they were using the perfect software to keep themselves competitive at the top. Learn how the combination of Shiptheory and NetSuite have given PetShop total business coverage, allowing them to manage their business operations and ship seamlessly, leading to phenomenal growth.

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I know it doesn't sound like much, but if you're saving 10 seconds per order and you're doing a few thousand orders a day, it ends up being the equivalent cost saving of over £10,000. So going for Shiptheory wasn't really a hard decision for us. Interview

We spoke to PetShop founder Adam Taylor to learn how Shiptheory's automations help them save hours shipping their NetSuite orders. Q&A

Here's everything else Adam from PetShop had to say about the successful combination of Shiptheory and NetSuite for their business.
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