Nuts and Grains is a family-run Irish business that started out as a simple brick and mortar store selling - you guessed it - nuts and grains. 16 years later, Nuts and Grains has an enormous catalogue of healthy products and supplements that they sell both off and online, aiming to deliver the highest quality Irish products that make a real difference to their customers. Click here to visit the Nuts and Grains website.

Nuts and Grains use Shiptheory in conjunction with Retail Management Hero (RMH), an EPOS system distributed by Positive System Solutions, to help manage their shipping with seamless integration between the two platforms. Click here to learn more about RMH and Shiptheory.

Our account manager at PSS recommended the Shiptheory module for RMH. The integration was seamless, and we've never looked back! The support from both Shiptheory and PSS has been excellent. Previously a label could take between 5-10 minutes, so even on a day with a few dozen orders, you can save hours!

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