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Key Features

Everything you can expect ShipperHQ to provide to enhance your checkout process.

  • Delivery Times

    Both you and customers need visibility over delivery times. Convert more carts and deliver a great customer experience with ShipperHQ's enterprise-grade delivery date and time logic.

  • Shipping Rules

    Curate your checkout options for any scenario. Shipping Rules are the power behind ShipperHQ, allowing for maximum control of the rates and options shown in checkout.

  • Dimensional Packing

    Get rates that reflect how you actually ship. Put a stop to under or over quoting shipping costs. Automatically determine the best packing configuration for any combination of products.

  • In-Store Pickup

    Double down on convenience and gain a competitive edge. Boost conversions and save time and money on shipping with in-store, curbside, or alternative pickup at checkout.

Shiptheory and ShipperHQ Integration

Shiptheory and ShipperHQ combine end-to-end logistics solution that bolsters the shipping experience for your customer.
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“It’s great to finally turn this partnership into a reality. Shiptheory is a fellow bootstrapped company that shares ShipperHQ’s core values and focuses on their customers & staff first.

Paired with Shiptheory’s automated shipping platform that prints your carrier labels and full returns suite, our partnership will help ecommerce merchants take total control of their customers’ checkout experience, ultimately furthering our mission of giving merchants the powerful and easy-to-use shipping tools that solve real business needs."