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Nite Watches are a premium watch brand who create watches that are built to survive the extreme elements for people who love the outdoors, but keeping a stylish and classy look at the same time. Founded in 2003, founder Roger Green pioneered the use of Tritium by a British watch manufacturer, swiftly becoming an iconic and respected manufacturer in the space.

Despite being in the eCommerce world for a long time, the Nite Watches team found that they were losing time every day to manual processes for both their shipping and inventory. Learn how Shiptheory became the centre of their operation, allowing Shopify to effectively communicate with Royal Mail and DHL Express to sync inventory across 3 stores and deliver to 3 continents.

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It's done everything we wanted in a centralised inventory system. We’ve removed manual processes and second guessing completely - it has transformed the way we work.


Here's everything Paul Conway from Nite Watches had to say about how Shiptheory's shipping and inventory software helps them connect Shopify, Royal Mail and DHL Express.