Why choose Shiptheory?

Integrating Brightpearl with UK Mail is easy. No more typing UK Mail shipping labels.
Your Brightpearl orders can be automatically sent to UK Mail using our flexible shipping rules engine

  • Automate your shipping tasks.

    Print labels, update tracking numbers and notify customers.

  • Save your company time.

    You’ll never have to type another label again.

  • Easy shipping rule management

    Formulate simple & complex shipping rules.

  • Save your company money.

    Ship smarter, save money.

Frequently asked questions

Common UK Mail Brightpearl answers to get you started.
  • Q: Which UK Mail services does Shiptheory support?

    A: Shiptheory supports every UK Mail service.

  • Q: Can I print UK Mail labels from multiple computers?

    A: Shiptheory is entirely online. You can access Shiptheory and print labels from as many computers as you need.

  • Q: Will Shiptheory work with my current UK Mail account?

    A: UK Mail should provide you with a iConsign username and password that Shiptheory will use to print UK Mail labels.

  • Q: How long does Shiptheory take to setup?

    A: Connecting UK Mail with Shiptheory takes only a couple of minutes.