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We are proud to be an Excellent Zephyr Partner and work closely with their NetSuite Integrations Team to provide the best possible shipping experience for eCommerce merchants.


Grow your retail operations with Excellent Zephyr’s vertical specific solutions integrated with Shiptheory’s automated shipping platform.
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  • Automation

    Free up your workforce and automate your key business processes. Excellent Zephyr and Shiptheory are driven by their automaton their partnership allows maximum time saving.

  • Omnichannel

    Effortlessly Unify Your Retail Business with their Omnichannel Solution.

  • Integration

    Scale up your retail business with reliable end-to-end data integration. Shiptheory offers free onboarding and full guidance through the proccess.

  • All-in-One

    Excellent Zephyr offer a fixed monthly rate for their services. 


Common Excellent Zephyr Shiptheory questions to get you started.
  • Q: How long does a NetSuite Implementation take?

    A: Excellent Zephyrs NetSuite in 90 philosophy, aims to implement NetSuite in only 30 days! However, every individual project has its own unique requirements which will be assessed by our Services team during the initial scoping phase.

  • Q: At what point should a business be considering an ERP (such as NetSuite)?

    A: Contrary to common belief NetSuite can be implemented for smaller businesses in the form of Financials First, which is a very cost effective way to optimise core financial processes.

  • Q: How can your solutions help with problems such as overselling stock through multiple channels?

    A: This is a common issue we see when scoping projects for new customers. We use an integrated NetSuite solution as the single source of truth for a retail business. By doing this businesses can enjoy a real-time view of stock levels across all available locations and sales channels.

  • Q: Do Excellent Zephyr work with brands who have already implemented NetSuite?

    A: Yes they do. Our All-In-One service allows brands to further integrate their tech stack, automate core business processes and add further NetSuite functionality through implementing new modules / system updates. All of this combined with NetSuite technical support at a Manageable fixed monthly cost.

  • Q: I'm shipping to multiple countries with different currencies, can I automate the necessary adjustments in reporting with NetSuite?

    A: Yes, both Shiptheory and Excellent Zephyr offer customization options to adapt the integration to your business needs.

  • Q: How can I get started with Excellent Zephyr integration between Netsuite and Shiptheory?

    A: To get started, you can reach out to our team for a consultation and demonstration of the integration. We'll guide you through the implementation process and provide the necessary resources to ensure a seamless integration experience.