June DHL Rating Updates


We've been working directly with DHL to provide a more connected and seamless integration. Today, we deployed an update that utilises DHL's Rating API service when booking consignments on timed services.

As part of this work we have added the following DHL services to Shiptheory:

  • Domestic Express 9:00 DOK
  • Domestic Express 12:00 DOT

And renamed several services within Shiptheory, as below...

  • Domestic Economy renamed to Economy Select ESI
  • Domestic Express renamed to Domestic Express DOM
  • Express Worldwide renamed to Express Worldwide DOX

What does this mean for me?

On the surface, you may not notice any change to your DHL shipping. Behind the scenes, Shiptheory is performing additional checks to confirm that DHL is able to get your timed orders to their destination within the time period stated.

If you notice shipments being rejected by DHL with a message relating to DHL services being unavailable for the destination, you may need to update your shipping rules to make sure you have selected the correct DHL service.

DHL Shipping Charges in Shiptheory

DHL shipping charges

Where available, Shiptheory will now show the charge from DHL for the shipment, available on in the Shipment History as shown above.

Have questions?

If you have any questions regarding this update to the Shiptheory DHL integration that was deployed today, please reach out to us through the usual support channels. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.