Shiptheory November 2022 Changelog


Through regular interactions with customers, our Account Management team realised that were tons of useful features that customers were looking for...that we already offered!

We like to make a big fanfare about big new releases, but it's time we started shouting about the little things too! This way, our Developers' hard work is put to good use, and Shiptheory customers can ship even more efficiently than before.

Without further ado, here are the changes our team have rolled out over the last month:

General Shiptheory Upgrades:

  • If a shipment matches a rule that has a name, that name is now added to the shipment history.
  • Historically, if you tried to add a shipment via our API with a non-unique 'channel_reference_id' (reference1), you would receive a generic "success" message, but this didn't cause the shipment to update. Now, the correct validation message is returned at this stage.
  • Customers on Cosmos and Enterprise plans can now hide the Shiptheory logo from their address only labels.

Changes to Integrations:


  • The following new services are available for Royal Mail:
  • Company and Customer name now available on DX Freight label - you can find this in your advanced settings.
  • Bring now supports package sizes

Channels and Other Partners:

  • Shopify now supports PID (personal tax code)
  • Unleashed now supports pulling down tax numbers.

New Product Functionality:

Returns Shop:

  • Users can now toggle between 3 graphs for analytics based on returns, reasons and quantities! This is a great boost for customers looking for deeper analytics of their returns, and is the first of many new analytical features we're looking to introduce.
  • Users can also now input logos and footer texts for branding purposes on their automated email templates.

Handwritten Notes:

  • Shiptheory customers can now transform their typed messages into AI-generated handwriting, for both shipping labels and gift messages!This feature is perfect for users who are looking to add a personal touch for orders to drive loyalty and retention, but don't have the time to personally handwrite every message.

To learn more about this new feature, head on over to our AI-Generated Handwriting page!

Get in touch!

At Shiptheory, we take pride in having a customer-driven product. We care about what our customers want and need, and the changes we make are strongly informed by open dialogue with our user base.

If there's a feature that would transform your shipping experience or a new integration that will make your life easier, speak to your account manager or a member of the support team today - we'll see what we can do!

Sam Paternoster

Marketing Communications Executive at Shiptheory