Our eBay Integration Has Arrived!


Shiptheory can now be integrated with your eBay sellers account, now you can manage your entire booking and labelling process for your eBay account directly within Shiptheory!


Many of you probably already know what eBay is but for those that don't, eBay is a website that allows anyone to buy and sell pretty much anything they want on there.

eBay has been around since 1995 and has gained quite the following so it made sense for us to integrate with eBay and give the opportunity to their users to automate their labelling process as well as giving our existing users the opportunity to use eBay if it meets their needs.

eBay Integration...how does this all work?

The eBay integration with Shiptheory allows you to integrate your eBay account with FedEx, UPS, DHL, Royal Mail, DPD, Parcelforce, UK Mail and more of the worlds most popular shippers and have all your shipment details centralised into one place rather than being spread out over multiple carrier portals.

If you've seen how Shiptheory works with Magento, Brightpearl or any of the channels we have available then you already have a good head start to working with eBay.

Within Shiptheory you can create shipping rules to automatically process your eBay shipments to speed up your labelling process. You can give your rules certain requirements that need to be met in order for a shipment to filter into that rule like weight, value, SKU and a lot more.

All you have to do is mark your orders as shipped within eBay, Shiptheory will then pickup those orders and run them through your rules, electronically transfer the consignment data to the carrier, print a shipping label and pre-populate your daily manifest.

Shipment Tracking in eBay

When Shiptheory has successfully processed a shipment, the tracking number that your carrier provides us will be returned to eBay and an email containing this tracking number will be sent to your customer so they can keep an eye on how their shipment is doing.

The easier we make it for your customers to track their orders, they happy they will be with your service as a whole. You will also likely see a considerable reduction in customer inquiries regarding the status of orders you have dispatched already that are currently working their way though your shippers network.

If you have any queries about setting up eBay, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.