How To Set Up IOSS Shipment Currency Limits


From 1 July 2021, VAT charged at the point-of-sale for products up to 150 EUR shipping to the EU can be declared and paid via a new submission, the Import One Stop Shop (IOSS).

For the last few months, we are working hard to ensure full compatibility of Shiptheory with IOSS. Shiptheory can automatically pass your IOSS number to your carrier when booking an EU shipment, but to do so, you have to add your IOSS number(s) to your Shiptheory account.

We provide several ways for you to do that. For more information on adding your IOSS number to your Shiptheory shipments, please read this guide.

Carriers that support IOSS numbers

We work closely with our carrier partners to ensure that when a carrier starts to support IOSS, Shiptheory will be able to automatically send your IOSS number to them when booking an EU shipment with a total value up to 150 EUR.

As more carriers update their APIs to accept IOSS numbers, we will update our integrations accordingly.

For a detailed list of carriers that support IOSS so far, please read here.

Consignment value IOSS eligibility check

If your shipments have their value set in EUR, then Shiptheory will send all EU shipments with a value up to 150 EUR with an IOSS number (if one is available) to your carrier.

If the value of your shipments is not in EUR, you have to set an equivalent limit for other currencies in Shiptheory’s IOSS Shipment Limits field.

For example, if you set a limit of 135 for the currency GBP, all EU shipments with a value up to £135 will be sent with an IOSS number (if one is available) to your carrier.

Important: Each currency you trade in will need to be added separately.

Setting up IOSS shipment limits

You can set an IOSS Shipment Limit for a new currency in just a few steps:

1.      Click on your account name in the top right of any page in Shiptheory.

2.      Under Advanced, select IOSS Settings.

3.      Then click Add Currency.

4.      Select your chosen currency and enter the value to which you would like your limit to be set.

5.      Click Save.

You should now see your new IOSS Shipment Limit on the page.

Important: Regardless of how you have set up your IOSS currency thresholds in Shiptheory, you should check our guide on which carriers support the IOSS currency threshold, as not all carriers support this functionality yet.

Reviewing your IOSS Shipments

For any EU orders downloaded to Shiptheory where we cannot verify their IOSS status (either because the shipment currency is not set in EUR or you have not specified a currency threshold for the shipment currency), you can choose to mark the shipment as needing approval.

This option can be found in the advanced section of the IOSS Settings page.  

For more information regarding the IOSS, please read the following:

All You Need to Know About the Import One Stop Shop (IOSS)

How to Add Your IOSS Number to Your Account

If you still have any queries regarding the IOSS and how it might affect your current shipping process or would like to know the latest for a specific carrier or channel, please do not hesitate to reach out to support.

Stathis Kampylis

Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Shiptheory