How to remove eBay’s Virtual Tracking Number from your shipping label using Shiptheory


eBay recently introduced the eBay Virtual Tracking Number (eVTN). This unique tracking code makes it easier for eBay buyers to get tracking information for their parcels even if the sender has not provided any. Currently, the eVTN is applied to orders shipped via Royal Mail in the UK and Australia Post in Australia, and it is the first time a marketplace includes an identifier into a carrier’s 2D tracking barcode.

Royal Mail and Australia Post use the eVTN provided and associate it with the parcel’s ID. That allows them to upload the tracking data on the sellers’ behalf, and update buyers on the status of the shipments posted.

The eVTN is in the format ‘eBayXXXXXXX’ (7 characters following the word ‘eBay’), and it is automatically added at the end of the second line of the address. When you generate your Royal Mail shipping labels, the eVTN will be automatically transferred from the second address line into the Royal Mail 2D tracking barcode.

Unfortunately, if Royal Mail is not your carrier of choice, the eVTN will remain at the end of the second line of the address when you generate your shipping label. That is something that can be annoying and sometimes confusing.

But fear not, for Shiptheory’s shipping management platform can help you solve that problem!

Suppose you integrate your eBay account directly into Shiptheory, or you send your eBay shipments to Shiptheory through a third-party warehouse management system. In both cases, our shipping management platform will automatically detect and remove the eVTN from the second address line and send it to the carrier of your choice in the field it is required to be.

If you have any queries regarding the eVTN, please do not hesitate to reach out to support. Otherwise, create a free Shiptheory account, connect your eBay store, and start shipping smarter and faster today!

Stathis Kampylis

Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Shiptheory