5 Innovative Tricks to Reduce Shipping Label Mistakes


Shipping is a massive web of infrastructure and its full of tiny details. Any of those details can also become a disaster, delaying packages, ruining your companies reputation, and digging into your bottom line.

Avoiding these disasters means you need to find the right tricks to innovate and streamline your shipping process. A key aspect of that is the shipping label itself. That tiny slip of paper can make or break any shipment.

Interested in getting your shipping label process on track? Don't worry, we here at Shiptheory are more than happy to help! Let's dive in!

The Tips and Tricks to Streamline Your Shipping Label Process

The humble shipping label is not where most put a lot of thought when it comes to shipping. Most people will consider the packaging, logistics, and customer service network before worrying about the label. The issue is, a focus on getting the label right can incorporate and strengthen everything else.

Here are 5 major methods you can do to make sure your shipping label process is smooth, clean, and a boon to your overall business.

Create a Stronger Line of Communication

A shipping label is a document like any other business document. It provides the proof of a transaction and a secured method that your customer gets the items they pay you for.

To get a shipping label right, you need a clear line of communication about purchases and shipping priorities. Handwritten labels and an unorganized list of addresses will muck up your organization. You need a system to take the guesswork and footwork out of the equation.

1. Working With Your Employees

Your employees will be the core that can help you organize your shipping system better and that may come from refining your current setup. If your system has an employee take up their time printing a label with one program, taking it to a different place, pulling a list of orders from another system, and then tracking the shipping label with yet another program, you lose efficiency in the shuffle.

Make sure your employees have a central area to work from and a smooth system to manage labels with. Programs that read orders, print labels, and track your shipping all in one help to save time and money.

2. Talking With Your Customers

The efficiency of your shipping label setup can also help to improve customer service. A shipping label can have tracking information, order confirmation, and shipping details all stored within it. That information needs to get to the customer.

Integrating your shipping labels into your order confirmation helps your customers to have faith that you have everything under control.

Improve Your In-Warehouse Tracking Systems

The size of your business and shipping department will determine how much of this next trick you can incorporate. For big businesses, it is helpful and common to delegate and divide your shipping departments to better handle the number of orders going out.

This means you will need to ensure that the right shipping labels get to the right areas. One of the little powers of the Shiptheory program is how it communicates between all of your potential printers, organizing and printing the right labels, automatically, to the right printer.

Streamlining Efficient Packing

A shipping label is often made with one package in mind. While you can't mix and match orders in the same package, you can organize your packages to ship out to similar locations. If multiple packages are going to the same area, it makes sense to ship them together.

Organizing your shipping data helps you to use your shipment metrics to save you time and money. Your shipping labels can help you organize your orders so that you ship out bigger and more efficient groups of packages.

In some circumstances, monitoring your shipping labels can notify you when a set of orders is going to the exact same location, even saving you space and time on an individual package instead of multiple ones.

Diversify Shipping Options

A shipping carrier can provide a lot of services and options, from international shipping to high-rate insurance for expensive orders. The common problem is one carrier may not provide every service you may need for your business.

Turning to multiple carriers, though, is a nightmare for organization. This can create a radical change in how you need to print shipping labels, charge insurance, and even package an order.

The good news is that each of these restrictions and differences boils down to information that you can log and organize. Our programs excel at taking in and staying up-to-date with a massive variety of carriers. This means that shifting to a new carrier is as simple as clicking on a new option in a program. All the little details are then done for you.

Integrate Your Shipping Programs Into One

The final trick here is the very core of all of the above tricks and items. Creating a singular organization of your shipping label process requires a singular and potent shipping label program. Our program here at Shiptheory helps to bring you all these items and conveniences in a simple interface.

A digital service with the integration of all your metrics and carriers help you create flawless shipping labels. Beyond that, a centralized service gives you a simple setup to control your entire procedure. Our system works with all the major commerce channels, meaning your business works right with our program right away and with no hassles.

To top off the convenience and quality is a 24/7 support system that helps to address any issues you may have with the software with a simple phone call. This quality guarantee means that even the biggest of logistical issues can be a quick sort away when working with us.

Better Shipping for Happier Customers

With a better mastery over your shipping label process and the tools and techniques to get it right, you can keep your production moving with confidence! Avoiding those costly shipping label mistakes can save you massive amounts of money every year, so don't shrug them off.

Are you ready to get the best shipping label software in the business? Shiptheory is here to help! Get started with us today and see how you can save!