Satellite Partner - Khaos Control


We are proud to introduce you to our first Satellite Partner, Khaos Control!


Khaos Control is a comprehensive UK-based stock control software solution that has been helping businesses of all sizes manage and streamline their core processes for the last twenty years. The system integrates your company’s finances, sales order processing, warehouses, EPOS, stock control, marketing, and more.

The company offers three products: Khaos Control (KC), a Windows-based ERP application; Khaos Control Cloud (KCC), a browser-based ERP application which is fully mobile compliant; and Khaos Control Hybrid, which brings together KC, KCC, and powerful e-commerce into one seamless solution.



Khaos Control’s sales invoice manager can process thousands of orders daily and ensures your sales and purchases are updated automatically and reflected in your product availability while staying on top of your customer communication, stock control, and your pick, pack, and dispatch process.

Supply Chain

Khaos Control provides your company with returns, and supplier management functionalities that allow you to quickly and easily create, process, and manage your customer and suppliers returns as well as always stay on top of your supplier information, costs, and performance. Khaos Control also supports dropshipping, enabling you to purchase a broader range of products from third parties who then fulfil the order.


Khaos Control’s inventory management system combines your sales, stock levels, returns, and surplus stock in one central location. That way, it ensures that sales, purchases, adjustments, and all other inventory changes are automatically updated, and product availability is adjusted accordingly with returns being automatically fed into the system.


Khaos Control’s customer relationship management (CRM) system with its build-in automated email functionality helps you build up a comprehensive picture of your customers’ preferences and order history. That way, it improves communications and allows your customer service team to offer a much more personalised customer journey throughout all your sales channels.


Khaos Control’s ICAEW accredited integrated accounting functionality provides you with real-time financial data that allows you to stay on top of revenue, profitability, and all your business expenses. With your accounts being updated after every transaction, your P&L and Balance Sheet is transformed into dynamic tools that help you to manage your business on a daily basis.

Khaos Control and Shiptheory

Khaos Control users utilise Shiptheory to connect with the world’s best carriers like Royal Mail, DPD, FedEx, DHL, and more. Importing sales orders into Shiptheory from your Khaos Control account allows you to streamline your shipping process by automatically printing your Khaos Control shipping labels and return tracking information to your customers, seconds after a sale!

Khaos Control’s integration with Shiptheory lets you automatically import orders from all your sales channels, into a single, easy-to-use platform that offers multiple-user support, an intelligent shipping rules engine, and an excellent customer support team.

Additionally, our in-depth reporting suite provides the vital decision-making data you need to identify the most popular delivery services and spot cost reduction and customer service improvement opportunities ahead of your competition. Strategic business decisions are made easier with accurate, real-time logistics data.

Shipping is fast and hassle-free with Khaos Control and Shiptheory!

If you have any queries regarding Khaos Control’s integration with Shiptheory, please do not hesitate to reach out to support. We are more than happy to give you a hand to get your account up and running.

Otherwise, create a free Shiptheory account and start shipping smarter and faster today!

Stathis Kampylis

Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Shiptheory