October Performance Updates


Shiptheory has been growing at a rate of knots since our public launch in June 2015. Our focus has always been towards bringing our community of users the features they need most to make their shipping process as efficient as possible.

As of October 2016, with the holiday season in our sights, our focus has shifted a little away from our previous onslaught of new features and towards ensuring Shiptheory's stability as we continue to grow.

We are aware that during the latter part of September and beginning of October, the performance of Shiptheory could have been better during peak times. (We process up to 85% more shipments on a Monday and Tuesday than we do Wednesday through Sunday.) In fact, some of you may have been unfortunate enough to see Shiptheory unavailable for an hour on Monday the 3rd of October.


It is our first priority to make sure your shipping process is as seamless as possible. Any interruption or delay in that process is unacceptable.

To prevent future disruption, we've been working tirelessly on a number of enhancements that target the recent performance issues.

Since implementing the recent optimizations (focused mainly around database infrastructure) we are happy to report significant performance improvements.

The graph below is a representation (from real data) of Shiptheory's performance after implementing the optimizations (blue) compared to the previous week (orange).

*(High spiking peaks are bad, a low flat-line is good)*


No one knows what features to build better than you, our users. We will continue to build functionality as a direct result of your feedback, it's part of the Shiptheory ethos.

At the time same time, we've found a better balance between ensuring the Shiptheory application is performing at the top of it's game and making good on new features.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions on anything you have read here, please get in touch.