New Zoey Checkout for a Higher Conversion Rate


Zoey have been working on a new checkout flow with a higher conversation rate in mind. The new Zoey checkout lands on the 7th of November 2016 and will provide a universal, consistent checkout process across all Zoey stores.

You can find the full announcement by Zoey here. Below, we've highlighted some of the key changes to the checkout.

Checkout Page Design

Zoey have totally trimmed down the checkout page to provide a much sleeker checkout process. Specifically, the removal of the header and footer found on other pages of your store bring your customers focus to the steps they need to complete to finalize their purchase.

The checkout still expects the same amount of data from your customers, but provides a seamless new approach to asking for it.

The order successful design has also been updated, making for a more consistent end to the checkout process.

Cart Page Update

The shopping cart overview pages now shows product attributes inline. Showing product data that was not previously available in the cart gives your customers all the information they need to feel comfortable with their order.

Know Your Customer Experience

Knowing exactly what you customer faces when hitting your checkout pages is essential for any ecommerce store manager. Make yourself familiar with the new checkout, testing end to end. If you are not happy with the process, don't forget your customer is in the same boat.

If you do find issue with the new checkout process, reach out to Zoey support - Checkout issues are treated as Urgent by the Zoey support team.

Your Thoughts on the Zoey Checkout Changes

We would love to know what you think about the changes Zoey have made to their checkout. If you see changes to your conversion rate after the change, get in touch.

If you are still shipping your orders from Zoey manually, why not take a trial of our Zoey shipping integration?