How to keep pace with the fast growth of eCommerce


It is no secret by now that e-commerce is not only one of the few industries unaffected by the international health crisis, but an industry that has grown massively because of it.

Springing ahead of all expectations, e-commerce has grown years ahead of its previously forecasted upward trajectory. The UK e-commerce industry alone is expected to surpass $200 billion in value by 2026, with sellers and online retailers admirably keeping pace in setting up for a post-Brexit business world.

Yet, with such a vast market, so much competition, and such fast-paced growth opportunities in the decade ahead of us, merely keeping up with the potential can seem daunting.

Here is some advice straight from, the world’s fastest-growing marketplace to help you scale up and stay resilient:

1.     Keep products moving worldwide

2.     Create trust, at home and afar

3.     Be proactive and agile, yet transparent

Keep products moving worldwide

People may have been spurred to buy online more and more by the events of 2020. Yet, the expectation is that the convenience, variety, and efficiency of ordering online will encourage customers to keep this behaviour going, even as the world slowly opens up again in the future.

More customers mean more sales, but that also means more picking, packing, and shipping to take care of. If you are seeking to globalise your selling strategy, scaling up confidently is vital.

Ensuring you are not only up to date on your shipping and logistics strategy but intelligently thinking ahead of the curve can help you scale up the right way. It makes sense to ensure you have a scalable shipping solution that can keep your packages moving – preferably before order numbers potentially blossom out of your control.

Create trust, at home and afar

Consumers today are feeling spun about by the events that have defined 2020, which has left them more eager than ever before to shop with brands who can demonstrate trust, integrity, and a clear, compassionate voice.

Whether you’re scaling beyond borders under your own initiative or riding the wave of marketplace globalisation plans like OnBuy’s 140-country growth strategy, the way you communicate trust and reliability as you expand is a combination of your actions and your words.

While appealing to the culture of the countries you are growing into is admirable, mistakes made in this area can create profound mistrust in your new market before you have even begun.

Instead, appeal to the universal values everyone holds, wherever they are shopping from – fair prices, reliable delivery, transparent business practices, and a commitment to customer happiness. You would be surprised how rare all these values may feel to burnt out consumers.

Be proactive and agile – yet transparent

Remaining fast-moving and able to meet the shifting demands and priorities of our age is an admirable pursuit. With Q4 2020 having pushed even the most seasoned of fulfilment specialists to their limits, however, now is also a wise time to ensure both suppliers and customers get open and honest communication from retailers.

Sweeping problems under the rug will not do anyone any favours, so if orders get delayed, products suffer supply chain disruption, or software glitches affect your workflow, speak up!

While it can feel uncomfortable, customers respect that honesty. That presents your business in a positive light to everyone else online who can see the message, even if they are not directly involved in the issue at hand.

Promoting this trust helps customers and potential business partners know that you are reputable, reliable, and able to own up to the challenges that every business faces. This humanises your approach and makes the brilliant details that you get right shine even brighter.

A definitive decade

With 2021 upon us, and a business landscape before us unrecognisable to the one that we were all approaching even as recently as one year ago, there is so much to think about. Yet growing with trusted, seller-friendly marketplaces like OnBuy can help you take the leap into a definitive era of e-commerce growth – is your business ready to reap the rewards? Start selling with OnBuy, the world’s fastest-growing marketplace, today.

Author: Philippa Halliday

Philippa Halliday is Head of Communications at OnBuy, the fastest-growing marketplace in the world.