FedEx Integration


FedEx have a truly global reach, connecting over 220 countries with a combination of air, ground and sea services. Bringing FedEx to Shiptheory provides a more seamless international shipping solution to our Magento, Brightpearl and Exact users.

FedEx integration with Magento, Brightpearl and Exact

FedEx Integration

Shipping from Magento, Brightpearl or Exact with FedEx can be done with just a click using Shiptheory. All of your FedEx shipping labels available in one central location

Shiptheory's FedEx integration automates the creating of shipping labels, manifests and tracking notifications.

Automated FedEx Shipping Rules

Create FedEx shipping rules using Shiptheory's flexible shipping rules engine to control which of your orders are dispatched on which FedEx service.

Using a combination of consignment weight, value, destination and other factors, control exactly how your FedEx orders are shipped, without any manual data entry.

FedEx Tracking

Keeping your customers in the loop is important. Allow our FedEx integration to keep your channels up to date with FedEx tracking numbers so that your customers never miss a beat.

Try FedEx Integration for Free

We think our FedEx integration will save you a heap of time. If you would like to find out for yourself, you can try our FedEx integration for free:

Brightpearl FedEx Trial

Magento FedEx Trial

Exact FedEx Trial

If you would like to know more, please reach out to us - We've love to hear from you.