Delivering in uncertain times: how FedEx can support business continuity


This is a guest article, authored by FedEx and distributed by FedEx Compatible partners.

The Covid-19 pandemic has put a strain on businesses around the world. For many, it’s been difficult to find the answers to their challenges, and a struggle to retain the business continuity that’s so essential for both survival and success.

For that reason, it’s vital that the service providers you count on are able to support you when the going gets tough.

Throughout this time, FedEx has continued to deliver for its e-commerce customers. And it is still delivering, to both local and international destinations. It remains open for business, and ready to support the business continuity that you and your customers rely on.

Delivering on your promises

In e-commerce, every purchase is a promise to the customer. FedEx is committed to ensuring that your goods arrive safely and reliably, whether they are being shipped to consumers around the corner or around the globe in any of the more than 220 countries and territories that it operates in.

Despite the disruption that COVID-19 has caused around the world, it still has planes in the air, trucks on the road and still has locations open to hold your customers’ packages. It is able to implement contingency plans at very short notice, and has the flexibility across its network to make the adjustments needed to provide the best service possible.

The e-commerce services that FedEx has are designed to make operating your business simpler and more efficient. In these current times, that’s more important than ever.

FedEx has identified five key ways in which to help your business deliver on its promises, and how its services can support you in maximising your performance in these unprecedented times.

1.  Boost efficiency, drive business

Admin tasks can slow you down and take your attention away from other areas of your business. Becoming more efficient in these areas can help support your business by trimming costs, lightening your load and by giving you some precious time back.

FedEx automated tools can help you to manage all your cross-border shipping. You can prepare and submit shipping documentation electronically with FedEx® Electronic Trade Documents , estimate duties and taxes – and view shipping advisories and regulatory information – with FedEx Global Trade Manager , and pay duties and taxes online or with FedEx® Billing Online .

And with FedEx also integrating easily into your Shiptheory setup, you can get fast access to its services without disrupting your current ways of working.

2. Open your business to the world

Business conditions are difficult in many places at the minute, which makes it even more imperative that you are able to accept any customers you want to when they come your way.

FedEx has a powerful, reliable network that can give you the confidence to accept orders from around the world.

With FedEx you can offer both economy and express services, including next-day delivery* to selected destinations. You can also improve the delivery experience by providing customers with the choice of thousands of pick-up points worldwide.

3. Have the confidence to succeed

Every business relies on others to perform at its best. And that can be a scary thought. The choices you make can have a real impact on your success, and if you lack confidence in the people you work with it can hold you back from making the most of the opportunities that are out there for you.

So choose businesses that can give you peace of mind. FedEx has decades of experience in cross-border shipping and clearance, and combined with the reliability of its network and the expertise of its people, it can help you to simplify the complexities of international trade and give you the confidence to succeed.

4. Make it easy

Business is hard enough without making things more difficult for yourself. The e-commerce services that FedEx has are structured to make things easier for you, providing the visibility and flexibility that allow you to make things easier for your customers too.

Its tracking tools allow you and your customers to track your FedEx shipments in near-real time – on all devices. You can also send customers a variety of timely notifications, and allow them to plan their delivery around their day by changing the delivery date and location.

5. Make returns simpler

Returns are fact of life for e-commerce businesses, so anything you can do to make them easier should be a benefit. That’s especially true with the current, COVID-19-related disruptions to trade and the movement of people around the world.

FedEx Global returns can help. The automated, flexible and customs-friendly service allows you to print a returns labels in advance to send with the shipment, or deliver them by email. Customers have the flexibility of scheduling a pickup or dropping the parcel off at a FedEx location, and with fast speeds for returns, refunds and replacements, you can meet customers’ needs while getting your product back on the shelf as quickly as possible.

Despite the challenges that COVID has brought all around the world, FedEx is still delivering and continuing to support the business continuity of its e-commerce customers.

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* Transit times and services may vary depending on shipment type, exact origin and destination location.  Terms and conditions apply – visit for full details of services. Please note: FedEx needed to adapt some of its services to reflect the rapidly changing situation around COVID-19. For details about the current avaiFedEx is there to help your business and continues to deliver in uncertain times.

Stathis Kampylis

Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Shiptheory