Shiptheory Support Stats in 2022


At Shiptheory, our reputation for excellent support is our jewel in the crown. We're absolutely committed to our customers, and our TrustPilot score reflects that, beating out others in the industry by some way (sorry, ShipStation!) In 2022, we continued to achieve impressive results that demonstrate our commitment to providing the best support possible.

We wanted to share some key stats we track, to measure our performance but also so we can share them with our users. Our support team are real, hard-working people, so we thought it would be nice to give you a little more perspective on the friendly voices guiding you through your issues over the phone.

Read on to see our key support stats for 2022, and see our support team react to some of their favourite reviews from the year too.

Key Support Stats

One of the key metrics we track is our response time to customer queries. We are pleased to report that 99% of tickets were responded to in under 10 minutes, with an average overall response time of just 5 minutes. A lot of our competitors are allegedly very hard to contact, so its great to see proof of our rapid dialogues with customer when they have a query.

In 2022, we resolved over 5000 support tickets, ensuring that our customers were able to get back to shipping without delay. No matter the issue, we've managed to get customers ship-shape again as consistently as ever.

We also take great pride in the feedback we receive from our customers. In 2022, we received over 100 reviews, with over 98% of them being 5-star ratings. You can't win them all, but we're glad to be that close!

What's especially gratifying is that all of our customer-facing team members were mentioned in the reviews. We're proud of the hard work and dedication of our entire team, and it's heartening to see their efforts recognized by our customers in the form of reviews!

Here are a couple of our favourite reviews, with some reactions from the team members who are mentioned in them.

Our Favourite Reviews

Joe, our Support Team Leader, is mentioned in this review as well as two of the team. It's really important that customers who deal with multiple members of the team have a seamless support experience, and the message isn't lost between them.

"I'm very proud of the hard work the team is doing. Multiple names being mentioned in the same review shows great cohesion to get things done quickly and efficiently. It's exactly the sort of reaction I'm looking for from the team when a support query comes in."

Both Luke and Ethan began their Shiptheory journey as first-line support agents, and are now trying their hands at development. Luke progressed through the ranks of support before moving to Development full-time,

"Having experience from the development side of things is an unexpectedly handy trait to bring when helping customers get setup with Shiptheory. More often than not, a business customer will hire or choose a developer to do their entire eCommerce setup for them, and often their setup is enhanced when their developer and us can come together and create a more technical and involved solution whilst maintaining a quick setup time." - Luke

Ethan is currently a Second Line agent who is trying his hand at bug fixes for the Dev team amongst his support work. The team are regularly able to progress their role in directions they find most interesting or engaging, and like Luke, Ethan sees a future for himself as a developer.

Working with our development team has given me valuable skills to help our customers. As each customer is unique it is important that we work closely with the development team to create new features, Penmanship and Returns to name just two, to make shipping even easier and get the customer up and running as quickly as possible! - Ethan

Josh lives and breathes Shiptheory, and has had a hand in helping almost every customer set up their account. He always goes above and beyond...which leads to countless reviews like this!

The Future of Shiptheory Support

Most of the plan for support over the rest of 2023 is...more of the same! We're just as determined as ever to keep our response times low and our success rate high. But there are always things we can do to improve:

"Going forward we're looking to do more pro-active check-ups after support queries, making sure the customer fully understands where they're at and are 100% satisfied." - Joe

If you're particularly happy with a member of the support team you've dealt with, or just the team in general - let us know! TrustPilot reviews are hugely important for the growth of Shiptheory, so if you're impressed, it takes seconds to leave us a review.

Sam Paternoster

Marketing Communications Executive at Shiptheory