Shiptheory March Changelog


Over the course of the last month the team have been hard at work making the Advanced Dashboard even more of an upgrade, with better customisation, usability and some exciting steps towards order management.

We're also taking some exciting steps towards inventory management being ready...keep an eye out for the full reveal soon, but there are some updates in here that will give you a preview of what's to come!

In the meantime, here's all the quality of life changes to your day-to-day Shiptheory experience, with some integration updates too for good measure.

General Shiptheory Upgrades

You can now print a "master picking list" - this is a picking list that contains multiple orders at once! Simply multi-select the orders and select 'create master picking list' from the toolbar.

You can also now merge multiple orders into one shipment! This makes it easier than ever to manage large orders within Shiptheory.

Once you've created a merged order, hovering over the channel references shows the references it was created from (because merging multiple orders makes a single new order from all of its constituent parts).

To learn more about how to do this and how it can speed things up for your team, check out our dedicated guide here.

The right click menu is now more easily accessible, displaying a '...' icon when hovering over the shipment you want to interact with.

Users can now enable an advanced setting to highlight specific quantities on integrated labels, to make it easier for users who are packing their order.

You can now search for a shipment quickly in your Advanced Dashboard with the Shipment ID!

When a customer is setting up Inventory Management, if they have a channel that is not yet fully connected or doesn't have any warehouse locations set up, they'll be shown a link to take them to a support guide to help them complete their setup.

Integration Specific Changes:


We currently support downloading customisation fields to integrated labels for Amazon Central, as long as the customer ticks off the customisation box on integrated labels

Customers can now specify which carriers and which specific services they'd like to book with when using Amazon Shipping when selecting the fastest and lowest cost service options.

Amazon MFC now returns tracking numbers later (as the tracking may not be immediately available.)


Customers who have set up a "Shipment Update" email template in Magento2 can now enable it in Shiptheory's channel settings through Magento2's advanced settings, giving them more flexibility in their choice of email template to notify consumers of shipments update.


DHL now supports third party billing for duty and shipping charges - this can be found in your advanced DHL settings.


New services are now available for Asendia users!

Get in touch!

We take pride in the customer driving the direction of Shiptheory's development. Open dialogue with our userbase plays a vital role in deciding what our development team focus on the most.

If you're currently missing a feature that would transform your shipping, or you need an integration built that will simplify your process, speak to a member of the Shiptheory team today - we'll see what we can do!

Sam Paternoster

Marketing Communications Executive at Shiptheory