New Integration with The Pallet Network


The Pallet Network, also known as TPN, is the latest delivery carrier integration to join Shiptheory. With The Pallet Network, you can ship pallet orders and deliveries with ease.

Over 100 independent transport companies make up TPN, using 127 depots throughout the UK and one in Ireland. Palletised freight is collected from customers, then labelled and scanned for delivery.

Cutting-edge technology

TPN uses technological innovations to smoothly deliver freight. The Pallet Network's ePOD proof of delivery system even won the IT and Software award for transport management at the 2015 IntraLogistex Awards.

Pallet Sizing

TPN's delivery services depend on the size of the pallets. There are three different standard sizes of pallets, a quarter pallet, half pallet, and a full pallet.

Source: The Pallet Network Ltd.

Delivery Services

TPN delivery services include:

  • Timed deliveries
  • Next-day deliveries
  • Economy deliveries
  • Reverse collections
  • Tail-lift capability

If your pallets don't fit the standard sizes, TPN XL specialises in particularly bulky or unusually shaped freight. This type of freight is sorted during the day to ensure that they receive extra care and attention.

Using TPN with Shiptheory

Shiptheory runs efficiently in the background of your shipping and logistics process. Set up shipping rules, based on the value, weight, value, destination, and size of your pallet, to automatically generate the correct Pallet Network shipping labels.

Using Shiptheory you can also create different package sizes to use to book TPN shipments which include mixed pallet sizes. Read more in our support guide.

How to Connect to Shiptheory

To get started on automating your shipping with Shiptheory, you will need to have a TPN account and a Shiptheory account. Then simply connect to the carrier in Shiptheory using your TPN account details.

If you have any questions about our integration with The Pallet Network or would like to find out more, get in touch with our friendly support team.

Get started with The Pallet Network by creating a free Shiptheory account.