Following the steps of the craft beer and microbrewery movement closely, the proliferation of artisan roasteries in the UK has skyrocketed in the past few years. Coffee lovers, entirely dissatisfied by cheap, mass-produced coffee, have nowadays developed a more discerning palate and they are thirsty for more interesting, complex, and distinct flavours in their cup. They also are way more concerned about ethics, so the mission of more than 300 UK roasteries is to satisfy both those needs by providing a different coffee experience.

Coaltown is a speciality coffee roaster that focuses on sustainable and transparent trade with small, single estate farms from various coffee-growing regions of the world, and they are driven by the desire to ethically roast delicious coffee that is full of personality. The Welsh roastery has become the first b-Corp certified speciality coffee company in the UK and therefore, are now morally and legally committed to prioritising responsibility to the environment and society by balancing profit and purpose.

Coaltown was founded in 2013 by Scott James and his father Gordon in the small town of Ammanford, South Wales; a former mining community where anthracite coal (dubbed the ‘Black Gold’) used to fuel the local economy, until the last of the local collieries shut down in 2003. Scott and Gordon started roasting coffee in the garage of their family house. Nowadays, the company operates a state-of-the-art roastery (opened in 2018) inside a refurbished coal shed where they train and employ local people and sell Coaltown’s coffee blends and current single origins. The roastery also houses the Roastery Canteen, the Coaltown Academy, and a merch and equipment store. Additionally, Coaltown operates an Espresso Bar located in the heart of the Old Victorian Arcade; one of the most iconic historic buildings in the town of Ammanford.

The company’s founders are planning for a bright future for Coaltown and Ammanford, by bringing back an industry and get the town producing a new kind of Black Gold.

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